How to streamline business flow with Google Analytics?

Do you know that Google Analytics can reveal most of your popular channels in highly customizable data layers? Before you move ahead I’ll suggest you to go through my 2 most popular posts on Google Analytics-


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Google Analytics comes with preconfigured reporting structure and highly flexible custom reporting features. Reporting and statistics becomes more sexy when data extraction is done with the help of custom variables. And solution gallery is always there to help you with your specific needs. Thanks to Avinash Kaushik for segmenting top sources with Occam’s Razor Awesomeness Web-Analytics-gallery Allow me to skip the basics; you can easily find many basic Google Analytics resources on the web. Below I am going to list down some of the reports which I personally love and which  are very helpful in growth hacking with best level of data analytics representation.

In-Market Segments

In-Market Segments populates “interest segment” of the people who are surfing similar types of product and services and are more likely to be your potential customers. In other words this report shows the data of the customers who browsed similar sections of the web just before visiting your website, seeking for the similar product/service This report represents the nature of the customers who are showing interest on similar product. And these are the segments which is used by Google Adwords to reach your potential audiences. And help promptly aligning the strategy and re-creation of the marketing communication.Google Analytics In Market Segment

Conversion by Time of Day

This could be of great advantage if you are running your campaign through Google Adwords paid platform. Populated report will show you date and time of your visits and conversions. You can further drill down the report by secondary dimension:

  • Acquisition
  • Advertising
  • Behavior
  • E commerce
  • Social
  • Time and
  • User

Date & Time Report

Opportunity Segments

Actually there is no such report with this nomenclature but Search Engine Optimization> Queries does the same thing by segmenting your most relevant keywords on the basis of their impressions and average keyword ranking. Post evaluation you will be in the position to streamline and find your keywords on which you should focus more.

Search Engine Optimization Report

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