What is Semalt.com? & Why Analytics Shows traffic from Semalt?

Referral traffic from Semalt.com is highly searched on Internet these days. This traffic falls in to the referral category of Google Analytics & other Analytics tools and makes webmaster to research the logic behind.


One of the interesting part of Semalt traffic is that it comes with the bounce rate of 100%. And this raises the level of curiosity among website owners and empowers them to search identify this sources and results in the traffic generation for Semalt. This can merely be an traffic generation model for Semalt.com

What is Semalt.com?

Semalt.com is a Europe based company with a wide range of spider based tools which facilitates deeper web indexing. Semalt.com is a typical search and Web Analytics tool and commence to determine below reports when subscribed-

1. Ranking of your keywords– keywords from which your website have the visibility in Google

2. Helps to identify your competition via automatically sending spiders to the websites

3. Close look at Website and specified Brand term on Internet

4. Optimizer– Semalt also helps in identifying the onpage and off-page SEO gaps and loopholes

Tips to remove Semalt traffic from your Google Analytics

You can block Semalts referral traffic by adding below mentioned codes at your .htaccess file but still there are complains in the webmaster forums that Semalt is bypassing the .htaccess protocols. This is again a hit and trial mechanism even though I’ll suggest to check this first before blocking this from the console of Google Analytics.

htaccess semalt traffic removal

Request to Semalt for your website exclusion from there database

Requesting Semalt.com to block there spiders are the most convenient  solution and This has worked for me even though this is not a full proof solutions and webmasters have identified the frequent spider visits from Semalt even if they have logged the request.

How to block Semalt.com referral from Google Analytics?

semalt referral traffic removal

17 thoughts on “What is Semalt.com? & Why Analytics Shows traffic from Semalt?

  1. Nataliya

    I’d like to offer you to look closely at Semalt services. It’s a professional webmaster analytics tool. So that’s why our technical robots may visit some sites. They simulate real user behavior and collect data for our service. These bots cause no harm to websites.
    But we understand each user who asks us to disable crawling activity on their websites. We bring apologies to each user and honor the request. We’ve created a special tool for removing sites from the list of web resources we visit – Semalt Crawler.
    Everyone can add the URL into the Crawler and prevent visits of Semalt bots. It’s easy and fast, it takes only 30 minutes (time for applying changes in database).

    We bring apology to site owners. Our support service is always ready to answer to all questions regarding Semalt.

  2. DPager

    Atleast you can get rid of Semalt referral traffic but Kambasoft is something which throws random crawler visit multiple times in a day and to avoid the visit in Google analytics you will have to enable the filters

  3. Reviva

    These crawler bots are really annoying for our website statistics. I’ve tried the .htaccess method and it’s causing 500 internal server errors on my website when I reupload the file. Any recommendations?

  4. Toyah

    Hey Nataliya,
    Why shall we care about your services and tools; semalt is bypassing the robots.txt and taking our bandwidth; which is completely unethical and why shall i suggest my clients to visit your exclusion page?

  5. Joya Mahony

    Put down the following codes at your .htaccess file to block semalt referral traffic

    Options +FollowSymLinks
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} semalt\.com [NC,OR]
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} buttons-for-website\.com
    RewriteRule .* – [F]

  6. Journals

    No doubt this is very useful piece of content; and I was able to get rid of semalt spider by submitting request to them.

    But more than that I have found 4webmasters.org very annoying and irritating. They also appear to be an spider and redirect to ranksonic.org/.
    And ranksonic.org/ claims themselves to be a SEO expert and some sort of tools.
    This is the worst marketing tactics that I have notices by some companies like 4webmasters.org and ranksonic.org/ who attempts to get traffic and business via illegal and irritating marketing means.
    Can you please help me with the mean by which I can get rid of such nonsense and idiotic attempts?

  7. Reviva

    Robot driven spams are on pace to drive business from unsolicited means. Recently ranksonic.com enormously hit my website with it’s bot. Shame on such tools ranksonic.com

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