Tools You Wish You Would’ve Known as a SEO

I started my career in digital marketing 10 years back and now I am a involved in active blogging and consultancy from last 8 years. Traffic generation was never easy and has always required excellent SEO knowledge with good base level actual implementation experiences. In short you cannot generate traffic and ranking just with sound theoretical SEO concepts and knowledge.

I should have known earlier

You will have to believe from day 1 that the strategies that worked for website A might not work for website B; and you will have to align and focus on all or most of the Google ranking factors.(Approximately 200 ranking factors are considered by marketers). Although there are numerous tools on the internet which can facilitate on your tasks and which can be used to lower down your effort with maximum optimized returns. With the passage of time I realized that I could have used all these tools from day 1.

1. Adwords keyword tool

Adwords keyword tool is the most popular free tool by Google which helps webmasters to identify the searches and shortlist the keywords. The tool was primarily made to provide data for paid marketing campaigns but it’s keyword search volume features are generally used to derive search volumes for paid and organic seo campaigns. You can dig out more by logging ad adword keyword planner. Here you can find the tools to analyze your website from search engine perspective.

2. Google Webmaster tool

GWT is another free tool from Google which helps to understand your website performance on Google. GWT reports which can help you to understand what is going on with your website are-

  • Search Appearance (Structured Data, Data highlighter, HTML improvements, Sitelinks)
  • Search Traffic (Search Queries, Links to your site, Internal Links, Manual Actions, International Targeting, Mobile Usability)
  • Google Index (Index Status, Content Keywords, Remove URL’s, )
  • Crawl (Crawl Errors, Crawl Stats, Fetch as Google, robots.txt tester, Sitemaps, URL Parameters)
  • Security issues (Malware presence, hacking status)
  • Apart from analyzing website status you can make some advance level of settings from GWT;  before making any changes make sure you are aware of the results and consequences

3. Xenu’s Link Sleuth

No one wants broken links on their website; not only it impacts SEO but also lowers down the website usability. Xenu is amazing standalone application which helps in identifying broken link at a click. For this you simply need to install this very light software. In nutshell this is just an crawler which crawls the interlinked pages and also picks up data from the website server.(to disclose the orphan pages). You can download this tool from here.

Xenu Tool

Xenu is the free tool and you can meet following SEO purposes-

  • Identify all your broken links
  • Identify your website duplicate contents especially the “Title”
  • Identify large pages and image
  • Identify the pages which are least linked from internal navigations
  • Identify the pages which have maximum links from internal navigation
  • Identify pages which are orphan, i.e. not linked from anywhere

Check out the features of SEMRUSH for SEO suggestions.

4. WebConfs

Webconfs is the hub of free tools. And according to Alexa, Webconfs is among the top 1000 popular tool websites on Internet. Webconfs have more than 20 web-based tools but let me explain some of my favorite tools-

  • Domain Age Tool– Although you can find lots of website on internet which reveals the website WHOIS records (& manual age calculations) but here you can know the actual age of the domain with just one click
  • Redirect Checker–  With this feature you can know the status (301/ 302) of web-page redirect. The status is important during SEO analysis as different http headers have different SEO implications.
  • Keyword density cloud– This feature can give you a glance of your major keywords and their density on a particular web-page. This is widely used for competition analysis when you are trying to identify the major keywords of particular ranking pages.
  • Similar Page Checker– With this page you can know the pages which are similar to a particular web-page and if needed you can change the duplicacy.
  • Htaccess Redirect Generator– With this tool you can generate the htaccess redirect code for your url redirection. This makes the coding work easier for a novice webmaster
  • Website Keyword Analysis– This is also commonly used for competition analysis when your objective is to understand the focused keywords on particular web-pages. You should also check 9 keyword research tools for long-term and semantic keyword research

5. BuzzSumo

Buzzsumo is another popular tool which helps in content marketing. BuzzSumo is great for monitoring the topic on which your competition is performing good and strategizing your own content marketing plan accordingly. Some of the great features of Buzzsumo are-

  • It helps in analyzing the average content shares
  • Content shares by network
  • Content format
  • Day published
  • Content length
  • Most shared domains.

Buzzsumo also helps you in identifying the top influencers of your niche and allow you to know what they are sharing online. You can also choose to get alerts via email based on a number of things – when an article mentions your keyword, when an author publishes an article or when your competitor publishes a post. Check more to understand how SEMRUSH helps with link analysis reports and why link building is important?

Buzzsumo for content marketing

GA & Piwiki

Need for web analytics tools are very widely discussed on Internet, and Google analytics is something which doesn’t require any introduction. Apart from Google Analytics you can also check these tools for outstanding data insights-


  • Piwiki- This is one of the best web analytics software and your logs are completely under your control as data is captured inside your Mysql database. Segmentation and custom variables are similar to Google analytics. This is an open source tool and you can try it’s free demo at
  • Web Trends- Webtrend is the first analytics application which was launched in 1993. It’s comes with the customized pricings and heat map and “Custom mobile & social measurement” features are it’s USP that you will love to try
  • Autonomy LINK  is another great analytics tool and it’s more of a customer voice capturing tool and it’s usp lies in providing reports on complete customer experiences and behaviors. Apart from this Autonomy also helps in A/B and Multivariate testing

XML SiteMap Generators

This tool has lower down the SEOs cost for XML sitemap generation; by one click you can download your website’s sitemap in XML format. Note that to facilitate indexing and crawling Google recommends to keep XML sitemap at your server. You can also change your pages “change frequency” and “priority” as per your need.

XML SEO Sitemap generator

SEMRush SEO Tool

SEMRush is available on cloud and hence requires no application downloads; you cannot start SEO until and unless you are not aware of your competitors stand and strengths. And here SEMrush tool comes in the picture. I have already published a post on SEMrush SEO tool and SEMRUsh tool bar. Note that it’s free version has only access to limited data.

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