SEMRUSH** tool Review & tutorial on competitive keyword research

Competition research is important as it helps you to identify the competition against whom you are going to stand. No doubt it can vary based on your goal and market. Thus it raise the need to analyze the same from different perspective and different tools; especially when you are planning to setup long-term organic strategy.
SEMrush & Ahref comes with multiple features which can be utilized to work on strategic domain authority model and competitive research.
The SEO tool provides a complete description of why your competitors perform better at online space. Based on the data you can dig for your keywords, content creation benchmarks and to derive your link generation strategies. Check out other best tools used for competitive keyword research.

What SEMrush Can offer?

With SEMrush you can work effectively to judge the competition’s KPIs, strategy and online stand-
  • With SEMrush tool you can collate and keep track of your ranking with respect to your competition.
  • With the tool you can generate your keyword ranks and search query trends.
  • You can examine the sources which are driving traffic to your competition and based on the online behavior you can streamline your strategy. (Refer to the snapshot below for example)
  • Apart from traffic sources SEMrush can also suggest SEO recommendations to improve your onpage quality scores.

SEMrush traffic source analysis

SEMRush recent features for social media monitoring

The tool provides you the flexibility to setup your all social media accounts with a ease of click. And the engagement reports can be visualize from a common dashboard. You can also track your account social media performance on daily basis. Also check SEMRUSH toolbar implementation for better analysis.
SEMRush social media dashboard for daily reporting

Wrapping it Up

SEMRush is a must have tool when you have business with online potential. It’s a great choice when you want to dig deeper to understand your competitors strength.
They have launched many new features including social media engagement dashboard which can help you to understand your wide social media performances.
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