SEMRUSH-Tips to endeavour SEO Success

Alexa is a online tool which is widely common and known among even the non-technical executives,  and because of its popularity it is rapidly used to ideate the online stand of any competition; although it’s limitations and reach for data collection are generally not known .

I am not going to cover the data extraction logic of Alexa but I am here to discuss the tool which works with higher level of data accuracy and helps to extract rich competition data and comparisons. As an SEO consultant our sole role lies in identification of competition hidden potential and here role of SEMRUSH comes into play.


Have you ever wondered about major roadblocks forepart of any SEO consultants & webmasters? Based on my experience let me reveal some of them: (Apart from this you can also check advance SEO Optimizations tips & Tips to hire SEO Company)

1. Who are the major competitors?
2. What are the phrases from which competition get massive and relatively good traffic?
3. How competition stands well in terms of it’s link popularity?
4. How to know the strength and weaknesses of your website & competition at a glance?
5. What are the paid queries which are aiding values to your competition?

Confused with SEO Questions

Google and you will find hundreds of tools claiming to help you with these data but at SEMRUSH you can grab all these details at single platform; along-with these you can go for side by side website analysis and highly rich learning center.
You can try the tool for free but premium plans comes with detail report orientation and data extraction features which makes analysis more palpable.

You can check out for the SEMRUSH free account now

Before I cover its “highlighting features” in detail let me cover one of it’s free widely used browser toolbar SEOQuake

SEOQuake is a free tool bar which works on Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome.With each web-page load SEM rush tool bar throws ample of information about the page.


1. Info- At the click of SEM rush toolbar “Info” you will get the summary of Title, Meta Keyword & descriptions, Internal & External links along-with the follow/nofollow details.
2. Page Rank (Although Google Page Rank is Gone Now)
3. Google Index- Displays number of pages indexed in Google
4. SEMRUSH Links- Website pointing to the pages with follow/nofollow details at toolbar icon click
5. Bing Index- Number of pages indexed in Bing
6. Alexa Rank- The global ranking of the domain
7. Domain Age- The date of domain booking, will help to back-calculate the date
8. Delicious Index- Pages listed in Delicious
9. Tweets- Number of times the website was tweet
10. FaceBook Likes
11. Google Plus Like
12. Who Is- Who Is information about the domain Registrant Name, Address, NameServer, IP etc
13. Keyword Density
14. Internal & External links

I am sure that above data provided by SEM rush toolbar are sufficient for any SEO Consultant/Webmasters to endeavor planning phase to opt for successful SEO/Digital Marketing project.

Let’s expedite competition and website analysis to next advance level with SEMRUSH tool. Check more to understand how SEMRUSH helps with link analysis reports and why link building is important?

Have you ever wondered how your competition makes thousands and millions of traffic each month and what are their main strength?

One spot solution SEMRUSH:

1. Login to your SEMRUSH account and the enter the URL of your desired website.
2. Note that you have selected the time period “All Time”
3. On the “Top Keyword” column click “view full report”.
4. If you are a premium member you can download these keywords for further analysis.

And with the above four steps you can back-calculate the traffic secret of your desired website or competition and to take this ahead to the next level you need great UX website and you should check these tips to achieve great user experience.

At the dashboard you can also find the detail data of:

  •  Major competitors
  •  Ad Copy Position distribution
  •  Competitive Positioning Map
  •  Sample Ads
  •  Backlinks and breakup of follow & nofollow back-links
  •  Indexed Pages


SEMRUSH for ranking & traffic attributions

In he left navigation locate Organic Research > Positions and here you go with the reports which will help you at further ranking data anticipation with:

1. Keyword Column– Will show the keyword from which website get traffic

2. Pos– Ranking position of those keywords in Search Engine

3. CPC– Cost/click of the keywords when targeted through Google Adwords

4. Traffic%– The percentage volume of traffic those keywords aids to the website

5. Costs%– Cost percentage of those keywords in Google Adwords in certain period of times

6. Results– This colums comprise of number of SERPs for each query searched in Google

7. Trend– This column reflects the popularity of each keywords during the course of one year

8. SERP Source– This column has the snapshot of SERPs for the specified keywords

Along with all these details SEMRUSH will also provide the graph of traffic and keywords over a course of time and to make landing page which yields in higher conversion you should also check these tweaks applied on Landing Pages for amazing conversions.


Wrapping UP

It’s tough to impart the base line execution plan until and unless you are not aware of your competition and existing stand/strength of your website. To impart the gap you need to bridge the Gap between your stand and competition, you need to know the elements which are leading to traffic, ranking, leads, sales, subscriptions and engagements and the constituents of these factors are decoded with numerous tools available in the market; and SEMRUSH is one such tools which multiple advantages and numerous value add-ons. Also check out SEMRUSH tool Review & tutorial on competitive keyword research

10 thoughts on “SEMRUSH-Tips to endeavour SEO Success

  1. Maya

    Great article…free SEMrush account is very short glimpse of the website analysis and it’s not something on which you can make your plan; so instead call it as a premium/paid tool; also give a try to seotoolbox; it’s amazingly free tool.

  2. Admaelvis

    Great resource…
    SEMrush no doubt helps to rigorously plan content strategy but forswore paid keyword research. Adwords keyword tool for me is the ultimate planning resource.

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  4. Janak

    Great man. I used the trail version but seems that it’s worth paying for such great tool. Any idea if their is any limitations for adding projects?

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