Quora.com: How to Leverage Quora for your business?

You must have noticed in couple of years that Google is frequently showing the Quora results for it’s search queries and the results generally aid trust factor as the content are completely user-generated and user oriented.

Quora- Intro As a Social Media Platform?

According to Wikipedia listing Quora.com a question and answer forum where user interact and satisfy their queries, later Quora.com also added one of it’s most popular blogging console.

Quora.com is in the list of 43 websites listed by Wikipedia in it’s list of Question & Answer Website.

Quora has never revealed it’s growth figure nor any figures for ROI but to have a rough understanding you can check the website potential on Alexa.com (whether you believe it’s statistics or not, it can be used to take a rough estimation).  According to Alexa.com Quora’s Global Alexa ranks is 2133 and US Alexa Rank is 2209.

Quora on Social Media

Below are some statistics based on Alexa.com for Quora

1. Daily Unique Visitor- 258, 966

2. Daily PageViews- 790,486

3. Monthly Unique Visitor- 5,934,653

4. Monthly PageViews- 23,384, 829


quora alexa rank statistics

According to Quora investor Peter Thiel’s Quora.com has witnessed the growth of 3 fold in 2012-13 and approx same in 2013-14. Quora is completely been filled by robust questions by professionals and the response ratio to these questions at Quora are far better than other platform and gradually this community is transforming into a wide social media engagement platform where interaction rate is very high.

Quora is being rapidly used not only for the Brand promotions but also for reputation management of individuals.

The questions, answers and individual profile management are done by the professionals and information seekers who uses the platform. The question answers and debate on the platform makes Quora more interesting and apart from social network building this platform is emerging as a hub of information and debates.

How Quora is different from other Q&A Platforms?

Some features of the Quora which makes it to stand out from other platforms are-

1. Quora emphasis on high quality of question which is being asked

2. High quality answers are given more importance and there are credit point to share the answers and question

3. Allows user to up-vote & down-vote the answers and throws credibility to good answers

4. Allow users to create & follow topics of their interest

How Leverage Quora.com for Business

How to utilize Quora at its Best?

1.  Brand Monitoring– Check for your brand and product presence at Quora. Follow the topics if audiences are already discussing otherwise create a buzz for your product and brand.
This can be done either as a survey or as a general feedback of audiences towards an product. Before you initiate this make sure that you have good reputation on the Internet. Initial start with a negative feedback may ruin your exposures.

2. Blog– Reputation management on web is bit tough when negative pages rank on web from your brand keywords. The ranking of your profile becomes easy when you host your content on some reputed platforms and Quora provides this option to host your content as blog.

This is the latest feature released by Quora and widely used by the content marketers for Brand and business promotions.

3. Wide areas for communication– If you have good established brand then you can utilize this platform to raise your voice in the form of formal discussion with your customers.

This opens the doors for identifying the problems of customers and exploring the untouched and new opportunities, and thus helps brands to improve either their products or communications.

This not helps you to explore the audience of your product and business but also helps you to leverage the audiences of similar topics and relevant businesses. For example if some one is discussing for the best hosting plan at Hostgator then you can also target those audience to offer your services and hosting plans.

hostgator hosting services

4. Deep dive hot topic– Interest, behavior and need of audiences changes with the passage of time and  results shows that those audiences discuss on the forums before concluding with any decision. These platforms can be used to know the rapid changing customer behaviors. And as a smart marketer you can customize these discussions to reach your mailboxes via Google Alerts

5. Lead Generation & Customer Closure– Like any other social media platforms Quora.com can be used to generate potential leads and, leads in to customers. This model have the higher conversion when you have the some kind of professional services like Divorce consulting, Digital Media advertising, countertop fabrication etc.

You can also check how Quora can be used for keyword research?

6. Networking– Leveraging the networking skill is a art in social media platforms; at Quora you can be used to build relationships with the top influencers of the community and you can utilize the benefit of mutual promotions. For this you have to randomly check the questions with maximum answers and from there you will be able to find the people who are responding to the queries with top most passions and later by initial appreciation you can take your discussion at the next levels.

7. Promotions– Quora.com comes with a unique feature of promotion. Your can promote your questions and answers to the 100 and more people by utilizing your accumulated credit points.

This not only enhances the visibility of your question & answers but also attracts audiences for maximum engagements and replies.

quora promotional credit

Quora Success Mantra

Don’t oversell or directly promote your product rather build your individual trust as a proactive expert.
Focus on providing the valuable information with humble dialogues and communications and this will be sufficient to grow your network an build your brand. You may also opt for WhatsApp Marketing for lead generation

Think like the industry leader and subject matter expert rather than just content marketer. The moment you respond with a communication which helps your readers then you not only make their lives easier but you also aid very positive trust rank for your profile and brand image.

5 thoughts on “Quora.com: How to Leverage Quora for your business?

  1. AliciaIparejas

    Point 4 is something very exciting & usually I follow some of the tools to dive deep into some of my editorial researches and Quora is one of such platform.

    Atleast it helps me to understand the areas of pain & interest of people around some of the social & economic changes.

    Very useful..& appreciate your effort

  2. Abhishek Tavasalkar

    Don’t you think that such platforms are hiked by especially SEO geeks. Even normal discussions these days on social networking platforms smells like promotional activities.
    I think atleast social media groups should be kept rid from promotions.

  3. Rukie

    Great post man..I loved this Quora analysis guide.
    But i have strong believe that social media platforms should not be used for business promotions, we must not be an part of marketing, incontrary marketing should be an element of our life

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