12 Link Building strategies for 2016

Google ranking factors are most precisely discussed among SEO communities and with the course of time more than 200 rankings factors are known and taught by search marketing experts.

No doubt there are some ideal scenarios, and most often Webmaster works by spontaneous editing on these parameters, unfortunately balancing the factors and focusing on most “important ranking factors” are the real challenges.

And link building is one of such oldest tactic which was prevailing even before when Google was not launched.

Webmaster forums are flooded with link generation tips where you can find lot about-

1. One Way Link
2. Reciprocal Link
3. Triangular or “3 Way links”

And no doubt these tactics worked very effectively and practiced precisely to boost the website in SERPs but Penguin update after Apr-2012 inverted the core implementation mechanism of link building by penalizing and impacting rankings of thousands of websites who practiced link manipulation just for the sake of ranking.

Matt Cutts nailed the flourishing link building industry and explained that Google is working on much advance parameters of NLP- Natural language processing and semantic content computation to match the “expert user queries” with authoritative website.

You should also check top local listing websites to improve your authority and online business.

Whats now for back-links in 2016?

Matt Cutts further added that Google is working to resolve the complexity of NLP-Natural Language Processing & authority and until and unless they don’t have any permanent effective solution to judge the importance of websites, links will be the part of their algorithm; but link signals which adds relevancy &importance to a webpage should be of very high quality. High quality here refers to-
1. Editorial links
2. Co-citation
3. Social signals
4. Anchor text diversity
5. Reputed & Relevancy

link building in 2015

Considering tremendous noise, let me not spout on this and take you through some of the most effective link building strategies that you may opt for 2016-

Consideration of reputed & authoritative websites

The page rank metric for link consideration are gone, so now you will have to find most reputed, relevant and authoritative website of your niche and use competition & keyword analysis tools like SEMrush or Ahref to find the sites which are linking to your ideal competition and set up the strategy to be alike; don’t rush for the quantity rather work for few of the best websites from where you can get back-link.

SEMRUSH for reputed & authoritative links

Blog Integration

Promoting blog is generally easy and blogs are more likely to get long-tail traffic and ranking in the search engine in comparison to those of standalone website. Reason lies in frequent content addition and internal link routing. This is the most easiest way to acquire internal links for you website. While working for the internal links make sure that you are not playing around the rich anchor texts and considering the anchor text variations. You may want to know more about content marketing strategies for 2016.

Leadership promotion

Interview of leaders and experts of any domain works amazingly good to earn direct incoming links and traffic. Speaking at events, podcasts and hangouts are other alternatives; don’t forget to amplify these resources at the initial level and if possible launch the same in PR journals. And also if possible try to add summary of your interview, podcast & hangouts in text.

leadership promotion

Most of the time leadership promotional activities are widely covered by PR Journals; ask them to link your resource during coverage publishing.

Third party blogging

Apart from promoting “blog integrated at website”, try to reach other popular blogging and visitor engagement platforms like Quora, Tumblr and Hubpages. And don’t forget that content at these platforms also need amplifications.

natural link building on networks

Working for Nofollow attribution

Nofollow doesn’t aid value in link juice accumulation even though this is the most important element to drive traffic and referrals; apart from this it’s an Google’s indicator of how your website performing and how these visitors are interacting with your website. All these interactions can be the part of your website ranking.

Refer Advance SEO Optimization Steps for more details.

Link Earning rather than Link building

Matt Cutt came many time with recorded statement that Links Should not appear natural but it should be natural. And this can only be achieved if you have something amazingly good to share. The content which are most likely to be shared are:

1. Info-graphics & Gifo-graphics
2. Researches supported by data evidence
3. Online tools
4. Online calculators
5. Interactive data
6. Relevant citations

Frequent participation

Not just comment but participate in the discussions frequently, link popularity on the networks are directly proportional to your face-value & face-values are directly proportional to your engagements, discussions and events. Frequent participation aids in building relationship and most of the time ends with getting very high authoritative links. Prior to asking for link you must consider the pages which are gradually moving up in the Google Webmaster report and check the longtail keyword performance report.

Guest blogging

This was the most controversial topics among SEO folks when “Google Stick A Fork In It, Guest Blogging” . Guest blogging are the most common and effective medium to get share of voices and links; and this is still very very effective until and unless you are not taking this to extreme and too far.You will find hundreds and thousands of posts on internet listing the “guest blogging websites” of different niches.

guest blogging

Uncomplicating this I’ll suggest you to go for guest blogging on these 2 parameters-
1. Domain Authority- Post on the websites which have minimum domain authority of 45
2. Do not re-publish anywhere else on the web

Competitor link intersection

This is one of the most productive link building technique where you can use tools like Majestic SEO and OpenSiteExplorer to find the link intersection metric which means identifying the websites which are linking to 2 or more of your competition, by this you are on higher side of link gaining probability.

Traffic Intersection Similar to Link

Classic Link Building

This is the oldest link building technique which requires email communication with relevant website, although this is not easy and requires lots of interaction and proper communication but simultaneously don’t forget about the domain authority that I explained above.

Broken Link-building

Look after the broken incoming links of your competition and intimate Webmaster about the issue and as a favor ask the webmaster to put your link. This works as wonder if you opt to get incoming links from EDU or ORG websites. Check more to understand how SEMRUSH helps with link analysis reports and why link building is important?. This is the most common tactics used by SEO experts.

Social Media Links

Social media links and it’s signals indirectly helps in ranking and it’s importance must not be overlooked. Along with traffic, social media links helps to balance the weight-age of follow and no-follow links. Note that only follow links to any website is alarming and search engine pretends this to be UN-natural

Wrapping it Up

Links are still the part of Google ranking algorithm, to beat the competition you must look for your link share. Although all above tips might not be relevant for you but you will have to prioritize your tactic based on your current online stand. Apart from this you should also work on the advance SEO parameters to propel your ranking. Automate your analysis with tools and concentrate on the areas which can yield-up on high authoritative page values. If you are need a consultant check Quick tips to hire SEO Company

12 thoughts on “12 Link Building strategies for 2016

  1. Curator

    Superb post.
    Almost all the link building strategies going to rock in 2015 and I love your page authority figure of 45, to focus ON prior to roaming for links.
    Also the Competitor link intersection concept was new to me and I think now I can rock and streamline my priorities. Is there any free tool which works for link intersection identification. I guess NO but still need your input. Please share you email id in person curateone1@gmail.com

  2. FashionPoint

    Most of the tips are effective and widely used but broken Link-building & Competitor link intersection is something that I have noted down upon for the first time. Very impressive post

    I am too a huge fan of SEM rush but not sure how it helps in link building.

  3. Levis

    I liked your broken link building tips, but i am not sure that websites with gtld edu or org will entertain and help with any back-link.
    Instead I’ll call this as courtesy link..may or maynot it work

  4. David

    Great post on link building, especially your tips for Competitor link intersection. I actually did some outreach today on an post and it’s tedious to find people to link to, on the other hand Competitor link intersection have some higher level of probability of gaining links.

    Thanks for your tips on Broken Link-building. I have Mozbar at my browser, and it is great!

    Once again, thanks for the great post!

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