Google Page Rank Gone- Future of SEO Ahead

Do you remember when you last found SEO companies and Freelancers selling links of higher PRs like PR-5,6,7?? Hold on and Google for this and you will find that such services and offers are still very common and thousands of companies and freelancers are making money selling links of high PRs.

Google SEO War
Either webmasters are not aware or they are just in the business of making money. Google’s Webmaster Analysts John Mueller recently added:
I wouldn’t use PageRank or links as a metric. We’ve last updated PageRank more than a year ago (as far as I recall) and have no plans to do further updates. Think about what you want users to do on your site, and consider an appropriate metric for that.

You can go through the entire video below:

John Mueller pointed out 2 major Google breakthrough and updates-

1.    PR update almost gone
2.   Google has algorithm in place which have now the efficiency to discourage the link values that comes from spammy websites

Prior to 2013 Google was updating page rank 3 to 4 times in a year & it was the benchmark for webmasters to judge the website performance and the domain and page authority of webpages and websites; more the page rank gained and have, more effective the SEO campaign was considered and most trustworthy the pages were considered. Check more to understand how SEMRUSH helps with link analysis reports and why link building is important?

Page Rank Demo Snapshot

Takeaway for SEOs When Page Rank Presumably Gone

1. Buy and selling links business on the basis of Page Rank are at it’s last phase- Even if some business exists on the basis of buying/selling link based on PRs, then probably it’s lack of awareness as current Page Rank of all the domain are not revealed, as no update done from last one year

2.Current Page rank shown in tools are the mirror of it’s status one year back.

3. Inter linking of pages to boost the ranking should be reconsidered as individual web-page ranks may not be correct.

4. Prediction of re-indexing based on the PR may not be correct now, although you have Webmaster Tools for faster indexing.

5. And finally you may not be able to predict the popularity of the pages based on PR signals on Google Toolbars.

6. The chasing for link just for the sake of Page Rank will come to an end, preferably we cannot deny the domain authority and the need for very high quality links to push the trust authority.

7.  Instead of just working for links to boost the ranking you should consider Advance SEO Optimization Steps which explains tips apart from just gaining SEO link popularity.

Metrics for Page Authority Prediction

Even if page rank was available there were certain metrics which were highly popular among SEO communities, and these metrics were basically driven by the almost similar algorithm those used by Google Page Rank. Some of these terms which you might consider are-(Check out this to know more on Domain Authority & Page Authority)

1. Majestic Trust Algorithm

2. Moz domain & Page Authority

3. Moz Trust Score

Even you don’t want to rely on the logic of these tool and simultaneously you need ranking then try for the tools that provide the backlink reports like SEMRush and back-calculate the links of your competition; and start working on those links. I think this is bit tedious but most affective way to speed up the ranking. Apart from SEMRush you can also use these tools-

    • Google Webmaster Tool– This is the most popular free tool by Google and helps SEOs to extract links. GWT also comes with other advance level of Website Analysis features.
    • Bing Webmaster Tool– This is also an free tool offered by Bing, some of the links which are omitted by GWT can be evaluated by Bing Webmaster tool
    • Majestic SEO– This is the fantastic tool which categories between the low trust and good quality back-links. Majestic SEO tool was widely used when Google roll-out Penguin update.
    • Link Detox Tool– Link Detox is another great tool which differential between high, moderate and low level of backlinks.

link analysis tools

Let me know your feedbacks and suggestions on tools, and your metrics that you use to promote your ranking. check out SEMRUSH** tool Review & tutorial on competitive keyword research.

8 thoughts on “Google Page Rank Gone- Future of SEO Ahead

  1. Aroop

    Very nice and informative. Atleast this will stop the business based on buy/selling of links. Surprising that even post panda-penguin updates such businesses are still on boom

  2. Sandler Jas

    Google in order to nail link spam business not only suspend the updates but also should take away current status of the webpage PRs.
    Although there are no such official statements for any page rank suspensions, we must wait few month more, as you cannot know the Google’s future plans…. as always they come with unpredicted tweaks

  3. Dublin

    Great job guys. Those are the best news that I have received lately. I hope you will keep updating the news with alternative addons.

    Recently seen conversations at webmaster forums and understand this even is not doing well. Can’t be just a simple score number can meet the objective?
    you can! Check the “top baclinks” tab for any URL in the site explorer:

    Like it! awesome post and you definitely gave a monstrous index. Great work!

  4. Praveen

    Alternatives always exists; instead PR now reputed companies are considering authority in their SEO plans and this will also gave business boost to tools like SEMRush, explorer etc

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