5 Easiest Way to Optimize Load time & gain SEO benefits

Almost all product companies and service providers have great in-house or outsourced IT team to support their online businesses and in-order to take their technology to the next higher level they have started working closely with IT; and the objective is to transform their product/service offerings with accordance to “evolving customer needs” and behaviors.

load time and seo benefit

Even most of patience customers hate waiting in the queue and the same psychology applies when we try to deliver something via our digital platforms -whether it’s our websites or online transaction modules.

In-short, quick delivery and improved load time not only helps in providing great user experience but also helps in getting higher search engine rankings & finally the business. So far more that 200 ranking factors are predicted and load time is among one of them and the fact is also being revealed by Google. You may check more at how Google count load time as ranking factor.

“Load Time Facts” you must know

  • More than 47% visitors expects and interacts when the load time for any webpage is 2 or lesser than 2 second
  • More than 57% of visitors exits the page if the page takes more than 3 second to load
  • At peak needs based on seasonality 75% of visitors moves to the competition for web-page delay
  • For 53% of visitors good load time sends positive brand signal

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Benefit of increased load time

1. Walmart raised 2% of conversion rate by improving it’s website load time by 1 second
2. By improving load time by 2.2 second, Mozilla was able to get 60 60 million download in a year
3. With each 100ms of increased load time, Amazon was able to generate 1% more revenue
4. By optimizing the load-time by 4.8 second Shopzilla was able to increase it’s revenue by 12% & it’s page-views by 25%


Below are 5 quick tips which can help you to optimize your website load time

Reliable Web Host

Smart web hosting selection reduces most of your pains. Most of the reputed hosts claims upto 99% of uptimes and they are also equipped with qualified support team to handle the conflicts and server issues. Increased need for faster page deliver has raised the need for cloud computing, and for cloud services Godaddy and Amazon are some of the biggest player in the market. Most of the time hosting on Amazon requires sound technical knowledge or outsources technical assistance.

reliable web hosts

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Alternatively, Godaddy have some packages which are designed considering the novice users and also they have skilled support for real time assistance. The other features that you must compare before web-host selections are

  • Bandwidth
  • Compatibility with your cms/website technology (php-linux, .net-windows)
  • Uptime and technical support

Opt for CDN Delivery

You can minimize your server hit by hosting and accessing your web-page images from content delivery networks. If your website is not hosted on cloud then cdn can add great value in optimizing your website. Not only images you can place all your static resources (Audio & Video files and streaming videos) on cdn and during each page request cdn delivers the resources from nearest POP minimizing the overall load time.
Some of the good CDNS are- Amazon cloud front, MaxCDN, Google AppEngine

Minimize Javascript & CSS

Webpage load-time can be improved by minimizing the server request; Each request made by browser to server takes upto 20ms and assume the load time when you are rendering multiple JS files.You can minimize the multiple script request by concatenating numerous JavaScript files into few or one file if possible. And instead of coding JS and CSS with your html try to keep this in an external document and call whenever required; this can minimize the frequent request by leveraging the browser caching mechanism.

minimize code
Two of the tools which can be used for the minification of JS and CSS are-
1. JSMin
2. YUI Compressor

You can minimize the size of the images by various compression tools. If you are using WordPress as your CMS then WP Smush.it can help you with best image optimizations and compressions And for other CMS and website you can use the image editor feature of “Save for Web” for optimized web version images.(Some editors may have “Optimized” rather than “Save for Web”)
And try to save your images in GIFs or PNGs rather than JPGs

Leverage Browser Caching

If the nature of your business doesn’t require frequent changes, then you can make the changes on your server to dump the cookies and accelerate session data from PC-cookie instead of frequent server request and thus minimizing overall load time.
In order to enable this you will have to make changes on your website server configuration to serve the pages with “Expire” header and from this you can instruct the browser with the duration to keep the files.

browser caching

Response Header
Accept-Ranges: bytes
Cache-Control: max-age=2592000
Connection: Keep-Alive
Content-Encoding: gzip
Content-Length: 2099
Content-Type: text/css
Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2015 09:06:12 GMT
ETag: “1c020c-1b8c-4d21gh14ef6c9
Keep-Alive: timeout=8, max=99
Last-Modified: Sat, 12 Jul 2015 20:05:34 GMT
Server: Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu)
Vary: Accept-Encoding

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