Why not to change Webmaster Tool Crawl Rate?

Apart from Google Analytics, Google webmaster tool is another most popular Google’s free tool and used widely among webmasters. Other Google products can be checked here

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Webmaster tool provides numerous data for website analysis and simultaneously improper implementation may result in serious implications. Below are some of the advance features and implementation guides for advance users.

Webmaster Crawl rate

Google uses spider to crawl the websites and the SERPs are basically the crawl index of Google’s database. To refresh and update it’s index Google spider visits website on the basis of “website updation frequency”.  Webmaster tool crawl rate are widely misunderstood in the SEO community and their is misconception that crawl rate is the rate by which Google visits any website and webpages, and as a resultant webmaster increases the crawl rate for SEO benefits; instead crawl rate determines the speed at which Google-bot fetches the server for webpage details. Read this for Semalt Spider 

If you are looking to get your webpages indexed then use the GWT feature of “Fetch as Google” and this will server your purpose. You can reach Crawl Rate setting by the gear icon at the top right navigation of GWT > Site Setting

Crawl Rate Webmaster tool

The only reason when you can change of decrease your crawl rate when you think that Google-bot is adding to much load on your server bandwidth; apart from this there is no other reason to manipulate the by-fault settings of crawl rate.

The decreased crawl rate setting can negatively impact your indexing status at the longer run and there are probabilities that your website might not be indexed properly and eventually this may result in loss of your website ranking.

This setting on the Webmaster tool comes back to default status after 90 days but this time is sufficient enough to ruin your SERPs.


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