Adwords ROI Planning Strategy you cannot afford to ignore

​Here goes the problem..You cannot kickoff any Adwords/paid campaigns without client sign-off, and such sign-off requires proper justification of ROI and money that you are going to spend; and projecting numerical figures for those justifications prior to any “paid campaign launch” is unrealistic because of the 3 reasons-

  1. Google Adwords charges for your keywords based on your account overall quality score & you can’t touch base any prediction until you have some trial account statistics
  2. Keyword planner helps with the CPC prediction but you cannot predict the frequency of competition adjustment for those queries
  3. Estimating ROI and conversion percentages differs on the basis of goals and leads; and these ex-peculations have huge variation when you shift from Sign-up>Lead>Sales

Paid marketing planning

Even though Google comes up with Keyword planner tool which helps in calculating return on Adwords paid investments but the accuracy of ROI prediction is directly proportional to the volume of your experiences you have in the niche.

Steps below can help you drafting a logical figure for  your campaigns-

1.Keyword research– This is very common term and acts as pillar behind any successful SEO or SEM plans. Login to your Adwords Keyword planner and enter the series of keywords and search queries which are relevant to your business; for example if you want customers for your SEO tools, enter the keywords “seo tools”, “top seo tools”, “best seo tools” etc; choose your location and hit “Get Ideas”. Check here to review the steps of  SEO Keyword research.

Keyword Planner – Google AdWords

2. Negative Keyword additions-Note that you can also add your negative queries in the “Negative keywords” search bar; for example here the negative keyword might be “Free SEO Tool”.(Assuming you don’t offer free trial and services).

3. Now your Adwords keyword suggestion console will be ready with the suggested keywords which will be relevant to your entered search query, and here you are independent to choose the keywords which describes your services most.

4. Add to plan– From the arrows below the “Add to plan” create your set of keywords. To explore more repeat all above steps again with the different set of queries which you think the console have missed, or enter the URL of your competition/or your website to let the console pick the keywords from the website.

5.Your Plan– After adding all your keywords, locate “Your plan” on right top console and hit “Review Forecasts” just blow the “Your Plan” heading.

6. Get Detail forecasts– Palpable data is ready for your business forecast. Enter bid you are willing to pay for each clicks and daily budget and you will get the estimate budget, clicks, conversions and average positions.


Steps to narrow down your campaign keywords

More keywords result in more clicks and accrue more cost, identifying most converting keywords prior to launch can be tricky and this can be uncomplicated by competition keyword analysis.

You can take the help of SEM rush tool to analyze the competition’s paid keywords and their spend.

Bid Simulator-“Mid campaign projection tool”

Apart from Review Forecast features you have Bid Simulator to predict the “keyword click volume” during the different phases of running campaigns.

To locate Bid Simulator navigate to the ad group and hover over Bid Simulator graph option just below the Max CPC bid and click on it to make the tool expand and you will have all the bidding cost variables available there.

Adwords Bid Simulators

Wrapping it Up

ROI Planning for any new-paid campaigns are most critical part of digital marketing strategies and accuracy on those data are directly proportional to the quality of keyword researches and “competition keyword analysis”.  Adwords keyword planner and paid tools like SEMrush makes the prediction bit easier by delivering ample of market statistics and data. There are no ideal conversion rate and this is purely based on multiple factors like quality score accrued, landing page optimizations, website usability & UX

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