30 ways to fuel-up your email marketing lists

A business grows up and to the right with effective strategies, tactics and efforts that go in the right direction. You may be flooding twitter with your fleeting tweets or may just try to grab the attention with a vast span of Facebook posts that people might soon start hiding and unfollowing, but email marketing is a dead ringer for visiting your prospect virtually.

You may not ring their doorbell but buzz their email notification that is personal, special and worthy of note. However it is crucial to respect the subscriber preferences and comply with legal requirements before you flood their email account with spam and lose them from your email lists .

And to ensure you are not soon unsubscribed and even if it happens, the number of new subscribers always stays up and beyond the drop outs; here are a few tactics you might be just missing out until now. Read through, and you can thank us later!

email subscriber tips

Grab these Strategies and work for your email list

There are a couple of strategies that you, as the marketer can execute from your desk itself. Here’s a shortlisted tasks you must carry out:

1. Create a noteworthy emailer your prospect can relate to. Write in first person and talk about things that affect the readers directly in some way or the other. Ask questions, and answer them yourself with the crisp account of why they should get in touch with you and how you can help them. It’s good to be clear.

2. Ask your web developer to add a lightbox form on your official website for quick email address collection. Keep the form-filling process quick and painless. Long forms are often only half filled and never submitted.

3. Get the segmentation of subscribers and send the targeted marketing content to them. After all, it wouldn’t be a great idea to send baby products discount coupon to a college student. Targeting emailers are less vulnerable to get junked.

4. Get a noticeable subscribe button on your website, your email signature and marketing emailers. Encourage your prospects to click on subscribe button at the bottom. Lure them with more offers promise and tell them to stay connected through free subscription.

5. Get a ‘subscribe tab’ on your employee’s email signature too. Every email they send- be it personal or professional can be used to grab more subscriptions.

6. Send newsletters and emailers that are really worth a read. Don’t always talk about you and your company. Share easy tips, tricks and mantras that readers would want to keep receiving. Remind them to subscribe if they don’t want to miss.

7. On the emails for subscribers, get ‘email to a friend’ and ‘social sharing’ buttons so your subscribers can spread the word. There’s no better marketing tactic than word of mouth.

8. Ask your subscribers to add 5 friends and get a discount coupon. It is pretty effective for shopping websites. You get the email Ids, they are happy shoppers- a win win situation.

9. Include an anti spam policy and assure your subscribers you are only sending relevant information. Many users are too scared to see their email account flooded with spam.

10. Include a privacy policy or disclaimer that assures you don’t share or sell their personal info. They might be happy with you, but wouldn’t want more people like you on your email address.

Getting social to Build Email Subscriber lists

Social media has been the big thing in the last decade and it will be for many decades to come. Get social if you really want your business to grow along with your email list.

Top 10 Social Networking Websites

11. Promote a subscriber-only discount on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Many social users subscribe and create account for discounts and deals.

12. Always add a call-to-action at the end of all your business YouTube videos. You can add CTA directly to your video, add annotation or use ad overlays that are so far free of cost or even use viewbox for that matter.

13. Add text description of your videos that contain landing pages and essential URLs. Many people scroll down to read before they play the video or while it’s still buffering.

14. Collect emails with Facebook posts that offer special hamper. Don’t hoax, give away a few hampers in real. Once someone receives a hamper and says thanks, your comment section will be loaded with email Ids.

15. Add a sign-up form to your business page on Facebook. It’s a simple process. Log out from Facebook and log in again after selecting add ‘app to page’ tab option. Now click ‘add a page’ tab.

16. Entice your social media followers to subscribe. After each lucrative offer or interesting post, add ‘subscribe for more’ axiom.

17. Add a CTA button on your Facebook page that shows at the top. Link the button to the page that calls for email address for access. And you almost never noticed this button next to ‘likes’ on the top of your Facebook page? So before you complain about yet another change in Facebook, think about the cool things you can do on account of these small little changes.

18. Add Call to action button at the end of each blog post. If someone stumbles upon your blog accidentally (thanks to Google search engine!), they should know how to maintain this relation and get more from your knowledge and resource well. Most blogging platforms like WordPress have a plug-in for that.

19. Use lead generation cards on Twitter. Unlike the usual tweets, this one lets you have a crisp textual content, an appealing image and click here tab from where the user can share his/her contact info without actually having to type a word. Certainly more success rate this way!

20. Share your posts at Pinterest with an appealing picture that wouldn’t go unnoticed. Link the image to your blog post that carries the subscribe button. Pinterest is an expedient platform, especially if you are targeting women prospects.

Offline Measures

If enough has been done in the click-and-mortar niche, here are a few tactics you can adapt to outside the cyber world.
21. Host a free seminar and collect email IDs during registration. Filling up the registration form should be kept simple and quick and it is important to confirm the email ID to be sure the person has not just scribbled some random stuff.

22. At point of sale during checkout or billing, make email acquisition a part of the process. To ensure there are no goof ups, read back the email ID to the customer for confirmation.

23. Promote a complimentary business and ask its owner or marketer to cross promote your business. This not only cuts the marketing cost, but also helps you reach out to people from somewhat different niche that you may not be able to do through references also.

24. Give out free discount coupons on next purchase and make email acquisition a requirement.

25. Give away lucky coupons or ask your customers to participate in contests. Email ID acquisition again being the only requirement for the same.

26. Offer flash discounts and bonus gifts for first 100 or 500 subscribers and promote this on your store, near the point of sale where the customer waits for their turn for billing.

27. Organize, attend or participate in tradeshows, exhibitions and trade expo and promote your business through brochures, stickers and banners. Ask customers to fill a small form with an email slot for special offers. You can ask people who give you a business card too to fill the form for you.

28. Place a clipboard with newsletter sign up at all registers in your store. Many people just like to fill up the forms and clipboards while they are idle or waiting for their turn.

29. Become the local chamber of commerce or get registered with yellow pages. You will get a list of email Ids of all members.

30. Offer a birthday or anniversary surprise club. Collect email Ids of customers and tell them you will wish them on their special day.

We hope this list gives you some fresh ideas to grow your email list for marketing. What would you like to add to this list or suggest? Share below!

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