12 Undeniable reasons to go responsive now

Do you know that Google’s major revenue chunk came from Advertising? In a research note JPMorgan’s Doug Anmuth lowered estimates for Google’s revenues, citing concerns with “the transition from desktop to mobile search, continued margin compression, and increasing competition from Facebook.” And Google stock 52-week low.

This is just a beginning and former Googler Nikesh Arora added,” I think 2015 is going to be disastrous.” The growing base at mobile might not be good for Google to earn the advertising chunk but it’s alarming for those online business owners who don’t have responsive website. Digital Marketing research reveals that responsive website is now not only a suggestion but a deadly need for optimized business & conversions-

Need for responsive website

1. Mobile user will surpass the desktop user by 2015-16

2. 25% of internet users access website via mobile

3. Mobile users check their website more than 150 times per day

4. More than 26% of Emails are opened on Mobiles phones & 11% on tablets thus Email marketing can yield huge monetary benefits

4. Google recommends webmaster to render website with CSS media queries across multiple dimensions, which makes website to stand in SERPs & supports SEO

5. Shopping being the important online activity & more than 69% of Tablet user shops on Internet almost every month via Tablet

6. More than 55% of social media activities are done on Mobile thus have the huge potential to drive social traffic and optimized responsiveness of website can add huge monetary benefits

7. Website targeted for mobile yields on faster web-page loadings and hence enhances the search engine credibility and saless

8. Search marketing is cheaper in mobile as compared to those in desktop

9. Google’s Think Insights suggests that positive  mobile experience ends in 67% of financial transactions

10. Data driven optimization (On the basis of Web Analytics data) you can stretch or omit unwanted navigation and page elements via CSS media queries thus it results in more targeted buying cycle element re-presentation. Which means you can only show whatever is for user’s interest.

11. Managing SEO in case of separate desktop & mobile version is tough and leads to content duplication thus responsive is the one spot solution

12. During paid digital marketing campaigns you don’t have to develop 2 separate versions; one responsive can serve all your purposes.

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