Must use Top 10 Social Networking platforms for Branding

If content is the king then engagement is it’s crown. To survive the tussles, Social Media platform were forced to equip themselves with unmatched USPs and tools with the motive to nurture and deals with customer psychology.

Equipped with new technologies some of top niche players were able to grow their active users in more than 8 figures.

Consequently to increase engagement on product, services and brand, marketers were forced to increase their spends on these social media platforms.

You cannot even imagine to perform with excellence by ignoring customer interaction and engagement. I have hardly seen customer facing brands who are surviving the niche without having any customer facing model. And here comes the role of social media presence in action.

Social Media is the latest and most effective means of putting back the ancient Word Of Mouth marketing culture in the current hi-tech environment. ~Comscore

Brand Presence On Social Media

So engagements not only directly influence the sales but also help the brands to perform highly and effectively in search engines.

Below I am listing down some of the most popular Social Media platforms which must be utilized for constant customer engagement and brand promotions.

1. FaceBook

Facebook is most popular and widely used social media platforms. This is widely used for communications, branding, promotions, researches and sales. Organic reach on Facebook can be made highly compelling; and in-case you have plans for investments then you can easily stand-out of your niche.

Some of the brands which have taken their creativity to the next levels are-

    • Coca-Cola
    • Skype
    • Skittles
    • Intel
    • DisneyLand


Twitter is another widely used “one to many interaction” platforms and widely used for branding, product launches, brand access, high profile reach and as news network (news in the form of trends).

Twitter is widely used for personal branding and to excel business relationship and to explore opportunities.

The 2 main problems with Twitter are-

1.Short time span– it’s like a explosion so you will have to research with your perfect communication timings. It widely varies in accordance to country and industry.

2.Character limit-It has restriction for characters/tweet; you are not supposed to exceed the character limits of 140. So you will have to twist your creativity considering these limitations.

How effectively use Twitter

Companies which have taken their Twitter creativity to next level are-

3. Google Plus

Platform is widely used to gain advantages of links and referral traffic. Earlier was widely used to get rich snippet on search engine ranking pages but now that feature is no more active. Google plus is widely popular in digital photography community.

4. LinkedIn

Linkedin is widely used for B2B promotion and to reach diverse professional community. This is a great platform to-

  • Explore business opportunities
  • Generate leads
  • Retain customer for longer lifecycle
  • Run highly targeted campaigns
  • Brand awareness and brand building
  • For hiring top niche professionals

Brands which are effectively using Linkedin professional networks are:

  • Hubspot
  • Amex
  • Sales Cloud

5. Quora

I have already written an descriptive post on the usage of Quora for business and professional growth. Check out this at- How to leverage Quora for your business?

6. Tumblr

Tumblr is basically a blogging mixed social media platform; and widely popular for making friends, photo and entertainment sharings; travel blogging & integrating business themes with personal blogging. Tumblr ranks in the top 10 websites which are used in US with more than 20 billion pageview/month.

Some of the popular brands which are utilizing Tumblr to it’s max are:

7. Flickr

Almost all business have photos and videos; and in that case Flickr has always something exciting for everyone. One of Flickr’s powerful touch point is it’s usability and it’s ultimate capability to display images with it’s full resolutions.

Brands which are using Flickr effectively are:

  • Burger King
  • Apple Ipad
  • Star bucks

8. Instagram

Being an mobile exclusive platforms and requires business viability research prior to any launch.

9. YouTube

Youtube is widely used platform for branding and video hosting. If done effectively it can help you to gain massive social signals and can aid tremendous values to your traffic and branding.

Like other social media platforms it also has the space for sharing & referring. Youtube can be effectively used for-

  • Getting traffic as Youtube have very high authority and maximum probability to rank higher in Search engines
  • Permanent source of branding as it’s something which never dies
  • Getting signups and lead nurturing
  • Earn direct $$$ from Google

10. FourSquare

Depending on your business need you may choose some of the networking platforms but to utilize the potentials of all the channels at once is practically not possible. Don’t just create accounts on these platforms until and unless you have firm plan for these social media platforms.

Select the competition at your niche and study their engagement paths, you may choose competition analysis tools like SEMrush to know the traffic distributions of the market and suggest to touch-base the plan.

Remember that the strategies behind these activities should be to enhance the engagements not the links. For SEO ranking you may practice advance link building tactics.

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