7 Quick Checks Before Hiring a SEO Company

Joshua tips to avoid the big ripoff inspired me to write on SEO spams, and how due to incomplete information clients are draining their wealth? From Joshua’s post you can smell tussles of SEO companies in acquiring SEO jobs.

To sustain setup, to beat the competitions, and anyhow pursuit of making money raised the need to lower down the costs. And Payoff accrues in least spend work-hours, incompetent team and expertise.

And  willingly unwillingly; knowingly, unknowingly all this leads to spamdexing. most funny seo joke pic On the other hand I know many small and big business owners who highly admire and show their trust on SEO agencies. Confused?? Most of the time Great seo  is expensive; and cheap companies may compromise with the quality and eventually payment for the sake of ranking might not land you anywhere.

I am not advocating to grab bigger companies, as bigger is not always better but suggesting to make a smarter selection. I am not here to teach SEO but definitely by the checklists mentioned below you will be able to save your website from spamdexing, which is actually much more costlier than your actual spends on the SEO implementations. SEO Companies consideration guide & quick tips below:

1# Investigating portfolio

Check for the portfolio and navigate to the  case studies. Analyze their tactics and if possible contact some of the clients to know their feedback. It’s true that clients are not always aware of the analytics and may not provide palpable data but at-least you can ask for any positive impacts on traffic, ranking/business. Don’t forget to ask for the task duration if you get to hear any positive responses.

portfolio investigation

2# Technical SEO implementations

Spend time analyzing the technical recommendations and Google for possible SEO implications or talk to someone in the industry who have fair knowledge on the subject. Alternatively you can also ask for such technical audit documents from other SEO agencies. And I am sure you will get this easily because of tussle in the Industry. Prepare for the pros and cons and put down the questions on the table for next level of clarification. For more understanding you can check SEOBook Glossary. And also check out Google’s Webmaster guidelines

Note that most of the companies works and suggest on obsolete suggestions, so you will have to act very carefully before outsourcing your task. To make yourself aware of the latest SEO practices check 7 Advance SEO Optimization Steps, 12 Link Building strategies for 2015 & Most confusing SEO nomenclatures. Hiring SEO Company Checklist

3#Metrics of  measurements

More than 65% of SEO companies work on ranking targets. The process starts with keyword selection; either suggested by clients or by tech-firms; and contract executes after keyword sign-offs. On the other hand some of the smarter clients work on relevant search engine traffic targets. And they don’t care about broad keyword positioning. How measure seo success

4# All round perspective and deep knowledge

You can streamline your process not your success and to do so you need to find some reputed expert who have direct association with the company. Along with technical expertise in SEO consultancy, you also need to check for their online reputation. This can be done easily by browsing LinkedIn profile & using Google. high professional team

5# Detail Change document

Most of the companies ignore sharing change documents; especially for SEO as it involves very minute changes- internal content navigation links, minor title changes, sitemap link additions, image alt changes etc.

I agree that these changes are so frequent and minute, and makes it very tedious to document, especially when you are dealing with big portals. But these documents are cornerstone in next level of audit and optimizations.

6# Content Marketing Plan

Google is closely monitoring and working to improve user experience, and the major element that promote effective user experience is the ability to serve quality content at the click. And making content centric search to replace traditional algorithm and ranking factors. So in order to survive upcoming market you will need to understand the thoughts and strategies of these SEO firms towards their projects.

It is also important for you to know the tools they are using for content marketing and tracking. Some of the content marketing tools that I like are Percolate, UberFlip, and Contently

If they just want to stick with the Google Analytics make sure that they are emphasizing on “click vs social media interactions” for each piece of content.

content marketing plan

7# Penalty removal experience

Revolution in user experience made Google to penalize numerous website, some of the giants which were effected -Mozilla, BBC, Interflora, Overstock, JC Penny, Washington post and many others. This made online players to restructure their strategy and to work only for quality.
So the idea is to check the skill-set of SEO companies before signing any contract.

First-try to figure out if they have removed any website from penalty, second-try to judge their expertise, knowledge and practices to overcome such complexities.

This is critical because your objective is not just to rank for couple of months but to survive the competitions at the longer run.

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