How to Optimize your Real Estate website for SEO?

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83% of house hunts begins with browsing at-least 3 websites & 40% of buying decisions are made after at-least 120 days.
And 67% of these online visitor take helps of offline agents & these 67% of offline agents are again contacted via online mediums.
Online Research for Real Estate

​Real Estate business is known for it’s highest profit margin, and quest for these margins have raised the need for developers and agents to spend on search engine optimization techniques.

Big Real Estate players such as, Zillow, Trulia and RightMove are spending millions of dollar each year on SEO to sustain and gain highest level of search engine visibility.

And consequently they rank on almost all the real estate keywords you can ever imagine.

To improve the quality of search results, search engines have undergone drastic algorithmic changes; and this has again raised the need for Real estate companies to hire top niche SEO consultants to optimize their website according to search engine algorithms.

Real Estate ROI on SEO

This post covers almost all major challenges faced by real estate professionals, and I have outlined important optimization strategies to an level which can be easily practiced by novice users.

To clench with whats needs to be done; you first need to understand the basic issues.


What are the challenges in Real Estate Websites?

Real estate is the industry where to excel stack in brokerages, agents compete among themselves for common project and property.

Nature of the job not only influences cost per acquisition but also creates huge problem in delivering quality and uniqueness to customers.

Same problem becomes more critical when these agents try to acquire business through search marketing channels.

When it comes to the prominent delivery in search results; Google has raised and fixed it’s expectation.

Search Engine ranking pages are now the result of quality/unique-quotient that are offered to the visitors.

Quality = Unique user friendly content + High Page Authority

Check this if you want to know more about the ingredient of Quality content.

Real Estate Challenges

Real estate brokerages are in the need to manage and promote their independent agents while considering the entire brand as a whole. And the tactic is also necessary to circulate correct information from the common base to avoid any further miscommunication.

Not only realtors want to focus on brand building but they also help their agents to establish themselves to generate maximum business at rapid pace.

And as a consequence these brokerages tussle to endeavor brand unity; and globally it dilutes the goal and enforces them to work  in opposite direction.

Where SEO Stands Now?

Before I should explain and try to bridge the differences mentioned above, let me first deflate current SEO myth.

SEO is not dead but it’s undergoing evolution. Bust in the search queries have added tremendous growth in online transaction and sales; and hence simultaneously added more complexity to the techniques imparted by SEO experts earlier.

Technological advancements have not only affected the user psychology but also raised the need for users to migrate from desktop dependent searches to more sophisticated mobile based interactions.

And considering these key changes Google has rolled out mobile responsive updates on April 21, 2015; to know more about these updates, Google “Mobilegeddon”.

Graph below represents US Local Search Market Data (Mobile Vs Desktop)

Mobile vs Desktop Market Searches

 How to Optimize your Real Estate Website for SEO?

Real estate online marketing starts from local, and expands according to the project classifications.

Note than only IDX Integration and On-page optimization will not flood your website with traffic but to gain success you will have to streamline all your steps correctly & effectively.

Work for Domain authority

New Micro-site with each project launch is very common practice & this is only effective when you have very strong team in-place to build your domain authority at rapid pace.

So instead of working on different micro-site, plan and work for one portal and accordingly keep on adding new projects and launches under one banner.

This will not only help and buy the time to work for domain authority but also help you in governing the complete digital marketing plan from one space.

Keyword Research for the project

Keyword research is the base behind any SEO activity and the same have been discussed by me on detail at:

As I mentioned above Real estate keyword strategy expands from local to global based on the popularity of the launch; so research should be done accordingly.

Most of the realtors works for different locations so research should begin by considering those areas first. For example:

  • City1+ Real Estate
  • City1+Locality+Real Estate
  • City1+Property+Agents
  • City2+Real Estate Agents

Moving ahead plan to place these terms on your web-pages; to know more about it’s implementation check 7 Advance SEO Optimization Steps.

Mobile Responsive Website

Considering the hike in mobile search queries, and post mobile responsive update it has now become mandatory to have responsive website. You cannot explore the WAP potential until and unless your information is responsive in nature. Information for which home-buyers are commonly interested on mobile:

  • General home details
  • Property location on the map
  • Project comparison
  • Price details
  • Features of the property & builders detail
  • Contact numbers of brokers and agents
  • Reviews about the new launches and existing projects
  • Banking & financials
  • To set up email communications

Content Marketing for Premium Projects

Content marketing is most of the time affordable when you are marketing your premium and most selling projects. Blogging on your own portal and hiring bloggers to write for your project can be the most influential ways to attract visitors and traffic.

The moment you are writing for your own; must consider these most important On-page factors-

  • Unique Content for the post
  • Unique Title & Descriptions
  • Alt tags for your pictures and images
  • Relevant file-name for your photos

content marketing tactics

Listing on Premium Portals

Working for high quality back-links: Generating high quality back-links for the website is spontaneous process and most of the time involves lots of time and effort.

You can start your process by placing your listings on high authority realtors and directories; like Trulia, Zillow, Redfin, etc

Apart from this find relevant niche from where you can generate back-links. Some of the widely used practices are-

  • Comment on high quality do-follow forums
  • Getting signature links from high quality forums
  • Start new topics on “Quora” or “Yahoo Answers” and encourage discussion over there. (Learn How to Leverage Quora for your business?)
  • Interlink your internal pages with one another with relevant appropriate headings/anchor texts.
  • Submit your website on top-niche relevant directories and resources
  • Create pdf file for your premium properties and projects; and submit those on PDF sharing websites
  • Interview top developers and realtors, and put that on you website; and request them to spread the same at their domains
  • Create Wikipedia pages for your portal and link back your resources
  • Submit your property images to Image-directories and harness back-links
  • Create a forum at your website and encourage your customers to start discussion over there

Contact me if you want to know some of the best high authority websites of your niche.

Wrapping It Up

SEO strategies are identical among industries, you just need to understand your customer behavior and intention. Help your customer with presentable and genuine resources, and you will be good enough to fight the competition.

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  2. Paul Bijarre

    Handling duplicate content in Real estate is as tough as real estate..bigger the launch lesser are the probability of unique resources.
    This is the area where you need to utilize your talent to make you niche and listing unique.
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  3. Real Estate

    Excellent post about SEO of a Real Estate website. You have discussed every possible point an SEO Expert should focus while working for Real Estate websites. There is no doubt that real estate business is the best in terms of high margins but the competition is growing in all modes, no matter you are dealing online or offline you got to deal with competition.

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