How to get maximum out of your Google Business listing & Maps?

Searching for local services? You will will find numerous results of business listing, which are offered by Google based on the location and keywords you are searching.

These listings are primarily ranked on the basis of location and reviews. But it has many other important component that I’ll cover later on this post.
 Business from Google business local listings
According to Google
-70% of online queries are in need of local resources, sometime they may be on the state/country level
-80% of search queries converts into direct call or order product/services online
-60% of time these queries are above all organic rankings
Your Google listing can get weightage if you have qualified all Google business listing standards along-with active listings on top local listing places . Some of them are-
  • Yelp
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Best of the Web
  • Hotfrog
  • Foursquare
 Local business listing with map can be created very easily with Google’s self-explanatory console. You just need to login at with your Google credentials and console will guide you with the steps.

Ranking of these local listings with right keywords are bit tricky, and higher placement requires some tactics which I am going to cover next.

1. Make sure you have filled all details with 100% score– You will have to grow through approximate 25 fields, just make sure that you have entered all details with right information. Google loves information so provide as much information as you can.

2. Make sure that your website is responsive– To get the better placement make sure that your website is responsive and it has sufficient content to engage customers. Make the necessary changes to reduce the bounce rate of your landing page. Here you can check the tips to create great landing page that converts visitors into customers.

3. Mix keywords in your descriptions– Based on the volume of your relevant searches add the keywords in your title and description; use this wisely as keyword stuffing can harm your performance. Don’t try to mix your brand with the keywords; either it should be your organization name or keywords. (Both together violates the Google business listing policy). To know more about keyword research check- 9 ultimate ways of keyword research

4. Ask your clients for reviews and ratings– Ask your customers for ratings and encourage them to write reviews at your listing. This is highly helpful to attract CTR and to rank higher.

5. Make it attractive with images/graphics– Add pictures and images of your events, stores and customers. This can not only increase interactions but can also help you to gain backlinks.

6. Test & Evaluate– Be creative and stay one step ahead with your competition and this can be done by spontaneous research and adaptations. There is always a room for improvements. You can’t have perfect listing until and unless you have formalized multiple testings.

7. 360* approach– Apart from successful listing; focus on your content, design, blog, images and infographics; show value to your visitors and this will translate into higher conversion rate, recency and organic search engine ranking. To know more about optimization check out Advance SEO optimization tips.

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