Domain Authority & ONLY tips to increase page authority

There was a time when website authority was determined considering the “page rank” of the domain. But those days are gone; check Google Page Rank Gone- Future of SEO Ahead

To overcome mitigation Moz developed and deployed the concept of “Domain Authority (DA)” and “Page Authority (PA)”; and widely used in SEO community to judge the reputation of websites and web-pages.

Benefits of the concept– Websites with higher DA and PA are more likely to have maximum traffic with higher search engine rankings.
Apart from this it also sends signals to the bots for authority of the content; and such content are more likely to gain more weightage in comparison to others who have lesser domain and page authority.

For example-Wikipedia; it has 100 DA and it ranks with almost all informational phrases of the World.

domain and page authority of Wikipedia

What is domain authority?

“Moz domain authority” is the algorithmic variable which ranges from 0-100 and calculated automatically based on the-

Like “Google’s page rank” (which was scaled from 0-10); it was easier to increase rank from 2-3 but not from 5-6, similarly it is easier to increase authority from 10-30 than raising it from 60-80.

Difference between “domain authority & page authority”– Both terms are propriety of MOZ; page authority is the value assigned to a particular web-page, on the other hand domain authority shows the value of entire website.
Page authority may vary from page to page & subdomain to subdomain, but domain authority remains fixed for entire portal.

How to increase Domain Authority of your website?

Major factors are listed above and in the nutshell it revolves around link popularity. You just have to lay down your strategies towards building links-

  1. Getting links from high authority websites
  2. Working to get rid of low quality links

Disavow the links which have lower score and submit those to Webmaster search console; this will solve your problem number #2.


To gain links from higher authority websites get in touch with experts who have contacts and expertise to route link juices; this is the easiest way to build links but again comes with a cost and also has risks involved. To know more check 7 quick checks before hiring a SEO company.

Or if you have tools like Ahref or SEMRUSH try to analyze the scores of website from which you are planning to take backlinks.

Simple step is to enter the domain of your competition at backlink analysis(dropdown at Overview) of SEMrush and that will display links pointing to your competition with “SEMRush Page Score“.

Now you can download and short report basis of your need and this is the magical way to reach potential relevant websites who have higher probability to link back.

page score and backlinks

Deploy content marketing for your brand

This is also an easy way to get quality and spontaneous links. But you will have to focus on your first stage content marketing model, which is generation of high quality content ; if done in a right way this can yield continuous links and traffic from relevant referral sources.

Content marketing pieces which really works-

  1. Video content
  2. Infographics
  3. Researched unique ingredients

Make sure onpage SEO optimization has good scores

Opage technical SEO optimizations are equally important, they route visitors to their destinations. Make sure-

  1. You have optimized robots.txt
  2. User friendly navigation
  3. Optimized sensible url structure
  4. Keywords, alts & page headers
  5. No broken links

Learn more about onpage optimization from my previous post-Advance On-Page SEO Tips for Better Ranking.

Planned internal linkable content

Apart from external links, drip down strategies for internal linkings. In other words find out the phrases, terms or keywords which are important to your business and links all internal pages which are relevant to them. Know more 12 Link Building Tips for 2016.

Anchor text plays important role here-

  1. Limit your usage of highly optimized rich keyword anchor texts.
  2. Balance content with your internal links; there is no fixed rule but try not to exceed 15 links per 1200 words of content
  3. To know more about tools which can be helpful for SEO, check Tools You Wish You Would’ve Known as a SEO


Leverage Social Media

Social signals not only boosts ranking but also helps to establish your brand. They not only sends positive signals to search engines but also helps you to gain referral & direct traffic. All popular social media websites have huge domain authority and you can leverage the same by deploying engagement activities on these platforms. Depending on your budget you can also initiate paid promotions.

Check top 10 social media websites to promote your brand.

use social media platforms for promotion

Engage with your audience on your comment sections

Most of the blogging platforms have comment features, and in-case you have limitations, try to integrate a forum on your website. And set down a goal to increase conversation and “time on page” for your website.

You may also love to check hotlinking in SEO.

Host Offline Events

You always have an option to boost your brand through offline channels; it sends direct traffic to your website and helps you to build your domain authority and business.

Some of the affordable offline activities could be-

  • Participating in events as a speaker
  • Participation on popular local radio or TV programs
  • Publishing Ads on newspaper

Wrapping it Up

You need to age and nurture your domain, it grows over time and reflects result gradually, so keep patience and try to learn from your mistakes.
Consistency is the key and for results to reflect you might have to wait for 4-6 months.
Check out more at How Page Authority & SEO boost by Hotlinking?

2 thoughts on “Domain Authority & ONLY tips to increase page authority

  1. Social Demon

    great resource..and helpful.
    I had a forum and has user generated content and post utilizing semrush backlink analysis tool i was able to create 10000 links in a year.
    And I rank with prominent seo related questions.
    Well said consistency is the key and you need to have patience.

  2. Vishnu

    how such tools like semrush and ahref makes sure that i get the right backlink? my competition may be blacklisted or spammed and so shall is the risk for me?

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