5 Adwords paid marketing tactics to be kept at top of your radar

My last post covered the tips on How to strategize “Adwords paid marketing” for improved ROI and I have also explained the scenarios when you should avoid using Adwords paid marketing channels. Handling paid marketing tools requires constant innovations and constant experiment is the key behind it’s success.

Digital world is undergoing revolution and the strategies that worked yesterday might not work today.And in order to beat competition and to work with higher ROI you need to try testing new things– new tactics, new strategies, or may be the new platforms.

To support with this I have clubbed some of the handy tips below that you can embed to stay ahead of the curve.

adwords tips to keep on top of your radar

1# Analyze effectiveness of Mobile Apps traffic

Adwords console mixed the Enhanced Campaigns last year making it impossible to segregate the traffic between mobile and desktop traffics. And this made tough for advertisers to identify ROI sources; and no data was available to distinguish the difference and there was higher probability that you were flushing all your money with tablet-specific mobile apps.

These apps most of the time didn’t work for most of the products and brands. and to save yourself from these costs you may opt for these options

• Check out “adsenseformobileapps.com” at your display campaign and exclude this immediately

• In case you are unable to locate apply manual filter for “Mobile App” and remove these apps on case-by-case basis.

• Exclude the experimental “GMob mobile app non-interstitial” >>Site Category Exclusions section of the “Targeting” menu.

increased mobile traffic

2# Harness the potential of product listing ads

No doubt paid marketing is a zero sum game. The “marginal earn” of any brand is directly proportional to the loss of competition bidding on the same. I am sure on an eCommerce product search you must have noticed brands bidding on “product listing ads” as-well as on “search text ads”; this tactic not only help in generating higher CTR but also aids value in brand building. Even for the visitors who bounced back you still have the remarketing tactic in hand to close that funnel in upcoming marketing loops. To explore more from organic perspective you can check best content marketing strategies  for 2015.

Some other major benefits of PLAs-

1. You can display the name of the product

2. You can show picture of the searched product

3. Competitive costs

4. Brand from where it can be ordered

5. Short description about the product

Note that to show product listing ads you must have Merchant Center account. This can be created for free but to upload the feeds for product listing ads you might need help of SEO consultants.

product listing ads

3# Regular Placement network audit

Frequent placement audit is the cornerstone behind any successful Display Campaigns. You must not anticipate improved ROI from you display network, if you don’t have any auditing strategy in place.

You can categorize your campaigns and choose your placements on the basis of –

1.Keywords + placements

2. Audiences + age

3. Keywords + topics

4. Remarketing + gender

5. Topics + audiences

6. Age + gender + affinity audiences

7. Affinity audiences and age

8. Keywords + placements

9. Keywords + gender

10. Topics + affinity audiences + placements

To dig more into the placement types, bidding options and the placement categories (where ads will be live), you can check this Google page.

adwords placement url

Audit begins once you are active for atleast 3 days and before you draw any conclusion try investigating beyond placement statistics and look directly at page-by-page metrics by expanding “See details” option. With the help of this you can identify the areas where your ads were performing good and where you were draining your money. You can consider this feature equivalent to  “Search term report” which I have explained earlier at Queries from which your website appeared on Google.

4# Leveraging Adwords Search Companion  advertising

“Search companion advertising” is Adwords one of the latest and sexiest advertising mechanism which serves ads to the searcher who have earlier searched and shows interest in the category, and on the basis of past searches and experiences it displays your ads, so it effortlessly moves your ads up the conversion funnel.

For example, if you typed keyword “buy cam recorder” and you clicked on an organic link which is a part of the Google Display Network, then you might see ads about cam recorder, cam recorder prices, cam recorder offers. This works by sending intent signal to Google Adwords and showing high converting ads.

This is bit similar to re-marketing ads but at “companion mechanism” ads is shown with independence to whether or not user land on your web-page earlier.

Adwords search companion ads

5# Audit for Search Term Cross Pollution

This is the most common advertising issue where irrelevant ad-copies are served because of keyword duplication in multiple campaigns, and all this eventually results in lower CTRs, pogo-sticking and higher cost per acquisition.

To know those search queries you’ll need to extract “Search Query Report” by enabling the keyword column. Once you download the information in Excel, create a pivot table with the search term as the row label & count of keywords as the values.

search query regular auditTo avoid search term collision and ad conflict, follow these steps-

  • Use appropriate match type based on the conflict
  • Even if you see collision, add negative keywords to avoid conflict

Wrapping it Up

You just need to update yourself with emerging trends, and changes & advancements of the paid marketing consoles. There’s an entire evolving world out there loaded with new account/campaign structure practices & optimization. You may subscribe to Adwords blogs to put yourself ahead of your competition. These tactics can only be effective if you have higher converting landing pages, to know more about landing pages tips check 10 Extraordinary Landing Pages Tweaks for amazing conversions.


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    Regular placement audit is not possible each days as Adwords console takes time to reflect the placement performance on daily basis..

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