Similar website search-How Google related operator works?

As a Business or Website owner if you are looking for competitors at your niche or making a list of information then at that moment competition analysis becomes necessary to understand the competition and to analyze how other websites of similar domains are performing. Google comes with lots of operators that accrues lots of information at the lightning speed.
The search suggestions on Google search clearly illustrates that how often people search for similar websites.

google website similar search option

What is Google Search Operator?

A text command with standard syntax which modifies your search in some unique way is generally coined as Operators.

Some of the most important operators are-
1. define:
2. site:
3. author:
4. allinrl:
5. related:

Here on this post we are covering related operator which displays related websites similar to specified domains, this is very simple and can be done by syntax-


Cases when you may get wrong results
1. Make sure to encapsulate domain name directly after colon (:), no space allowed
2. You may or may not use http:// or www as they are not mandatory
3. The operator may not work if the website is too new or it has some complete unique theme.

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