How to embed Google Plus post on your Blog?

You can encourage visitors to +1 your posts, to follow and to comment at your blog posts by embedding “Google plus post” just below your individual posts. One of the best demonstration can be seen below-

This can be done in 3 steps-

1. Go to your Google plus profile and click on the icon ^

2. Click on “Embed Post”

3. Copy the code and paste where you want your post to display.

how embed google plus


Some Do’s & Don’ts for Embedding Google Plus posts at your blog-

1. Make sure that you have placed the code in it’s canonical format. For Example it should be “” rather than “”

2. You can embed the codes of the posts which have images, videos and links with the community.

3. You cannot embed the Google plus posts from

-A community
Posts that are restricted to a Google Apps domain
-Private posts
-Events posts
-Hangout on Air posts

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