Google Plugin for Adsense & Webmasters for WordPress

Website earning millions from Google Adsense program and approx 25% of websites on the Internet are using WordPress as there CMS and continuous demand for WordPress publisher for a CMS handy plugin and to ease the publisher’s coordination with Ad-network platforms, Google has officially launched Google Publisher Plugin.

google's adsense & webmaster plugin

The first version of this plugin 0.1.0 is aimed to support the webmasters/ website owners-

1. To insert ads into the website without modifying anything in the coding part. To use this plugin you must need to have a Google account. After installing the plugin you just need to open the plugin and this plugin will automatically highlight the major location on your screen for ad positioning and you can identify where you want your ads to be displayed.

Google Publisher Plugin currently supports 4 ad formats-
1. Automatic (which chooses the most appropriate size)
2. Horizontal banner
3. Vertical banner
4. Rectangle

This is just the Beta release and Google is taking publishers feedback to improve this plugin and add additional features in the future.

google adsense webmaster plugin snapshot

2. To verify website with Google Webmaster Tool without manually pasting Webmaster codes on the WordPress website. The moment you will open this plugin this will connect your Google Webmaster Tool account with the WordPress console and your website will get integrated with the Webmaster Tool.

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