Analyze Your Website from Search Engine Perspective

Whatever the query you have…One spot- omnipresent solution is the Google. Google is the most widely used Search Engine on the Internet. Google has captured more than 80% of the Search Engine Market share. And millions and millions of different categories of websites on the web are fighting to gain maximum exposure in SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages). Thus this raised the need for Search Engine Optimizers. The moment you search for “SEO”/ “SEO Services” on Google you will find thousands of companies big and small, and freelancers who are willing to work for your website at cheaper cost. Here are some popular tools and statistics that will help you in analyzing the websites. By these Free and Paid Online SEO tools you can check the actual health of your website and if your website is outsourced you will be able to keep better control on the activities of your outsourced partner.

1. Google Analytics– This is the free tool provided by Google and helps you in analyzing the visitor behavior of your website. This is a very broad and a tool of very smart user interface. It has hundreds of features and can be used according the need. Website Analyzing Tool Google Analytics2. WebConfs– Webconfs provides lots of good handy tools to examine the website health. Few of it’s major tools are-

a. Keyword Density Checker By this tool you can check the density of your desired keywords on the webpage. After analyzing you may add/remove the keywords depending upon the competitions of your keywords

b.Domain Age Tools– However on the Google you may find many website that offer such tool to examine the age of your domain, that is domain registration and expiry date. c. Search Engine Spider Simulator- This tool provides an insight about how Search Engine looks into the stuffs of your webpages. However this can very easily be examined in your Google Webmaster Tools.

Read this to know more about Semalt spider

webconfs to check website seo health

3. This will help you in analyzing the Linked Domain, Total links. Fe of its features are paid but basic reports can be gather out from there.

4. Google Adwords Keyword Tool– You can use this keyword to know the number of search queries and competition against your keywords. This is the most popular and commonly available free tool on internet. To know more about semantic search query analysis please check the advance semantic keyword analysis tips

5. – Google loves xml sitemaps to find your deep internally linked pages you can generate your sitemap very easily for free from You just have to enter your url at “Starting URL Option”, keep everything by-default and click Start. This will start creating the xml-sitemap for your website(works for the website having up-to 500 pages, post-comment/mail me to get help in creating sitemap for the websites having more than 500 pages). This website will generate the file and you may download this from “Download un-compressed XML Sitemap”; last step is to upload this on the root directory of your website. Now you will have to very this in the “Google Webmaster Tool” which is explained below at point number 6.

xml site map seo tool

6. Google WebMaster Tools– This is a again a free and wonderful tool by Google that offers enormous options t make changes to your website from Google’s perspective. For example to make all your pages easily crawled and accessed by Google you can submit your xml-sitemaps over here. You can review your website page-views and clicks along with your website ranking positions from different keywords. It also offers the facility to choose your preferred targeted country along-with the options to overcome malware hazards.

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7. Robots TXT Generators – Sometime website owners don’t want to get their few pages indexed and wants to hide it from the Search Engine Ranking pages. Generating robots.txt page and uploading it in the root directory helps in preventing those pages from being getting indexed. However this can also be done very easily from the Google Webmaster Tools.

8. Page Rank Checker – Page Rank or PR is the special Page Value which is assigned by Google to each webpages. These Page-Ranks are assigned by reviewing the Web-page content quality, web-page popularity, web-page link-back support etc. You can check he PR of your website very easily with his tool. PR lies between NA, 0,1…10- 0 means worst and 10 means best. However there are very few websites with the Page Rank of 10


7 thoughts on “Analyze Your Website from Search Engine Perspective

  1. Rbrally

    appreciate your effort to summarize all stuffs at one place… can you also share some tool t check whether a website is dropped by Search Engine?

  2. Ryan Anty

    who the hell checks for Page rank these days,,, Google webmaster tool has ruined the market of many paid SEO tools.

  3. Tumehn

    I wonder if it also has a diskile feature which is frequently abused for example on YouTube. I understand that any rating counts for more than no rating but rating with the intention to do harm rather than good to someone is pathetic.We will try to get as much as +1 we can because we know the benefit of it with seo prespective (and soon we will see many people started to sell +1 as well) but a normal user do not know about it and where facebook like button is one step ahead from it.

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