Ecommerce Do’s & Don’t- Handling Out of Stock Products

Do’s & Don’t for Ecommerce Out Of Stock products

The easiest way to disappoint your customers and to bring the usability down is to make your customer to search and make up their mind to buy product and finally popping the message –“Out of Stock”.

Such run time issues not only hampers your brand impression but also adversely impact the recency and loyalty of your customers.

Ecommerce product Out of Stock

Apart from this it also impacts ranking when search engine indexes numerous pages with 404 errors.

Matt cutts answered the same in a YouTube video and gave the solution based on the size of ecommerce website.

10-30 Pages Ecommerce Websites

Exclusion of pages from relatively small website can adversely impact overall search engine performance. So in-order to retain the search engine strength it’s recommended to show related product on out of stock pages.

This is not only good from usability perspective but also good for small website to retain their search engine performance. And if the entire category is gone then it’s good time to add 301 redirection to most nearest relevant product and categories pages. This is only advisable when you are sure that you will not get that product back in your inventory.

Website with thousands of pages

Average Ecommerce websites are supposed to have thousands of webpages and sometime have thousands of out of stock products.

And in that case it’s better to return 404 code to search engine especially when your products are gone and if it’s temporarily out then suggest a date of return and arrange for a advance booking and make them understand the expected date of late deliveries.

Websites with Millions of Pages

According to Matt Cutts you can add “unavailable_after tag” at your webpages to intimate search engine about the expiry of your product. This will be used by search engine to display those pages for certain period times.

This is highly effective when you have very high volume of “Out Of Stock” products and you are completely aware about the auction date of your products..

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