Yesware- Email Tracking & Sales Marketing Sync Product

Isn’t it awesome to know the actual progress on all your email communications with your clients, even if they are not responding?

As a sales person, you don’t have to worry about the progress on follow-up of your emails now. Yesware comes with sophisticated and most easy tracking mechanism which not only updates you about client interactions with your emails but automatic Email scheduling helps you to keep yourself updated with the progress. is also a Email Notification applications which facilitates Email marketing & tracking.

yesware email tracking mechanism

How Yesware Works?

Yesware works on the ordinary tracking mechanism which is used by normal Email Marketing softwares. Application embeds short tracking pixel with each mail and the moment receivers clicks on the mail the sender receives a notification about the email.

And this helps sales persons to monitor their leads and further communication planning.

The moment you compose a Email you just have to “Check” the Track button and your Email will be tracked. Along-with this you can enable the reminder to receive notification about the status of your Email at desired time.

One of the major advance Yesware feature is that it can easily be integrated with Salesforce and it makes the contacts of salesperson editable directly via Gmail. Along with Salesforce this can easily be integrated with-

1. Batchbook

2. Pipedrive

3. Capsule

4. Highrise

5. SugarCRM

6. Relenta

7. Nutshell

8. Zoho

9. TimeTrade


How to Integrate Yesware?

1. Yesware can be easily integrated with chrome as a extension and after signing-in with the Gmail id the features automatically gets activated.

2. And the same can be added with Mozilla as a Add-on and after signing-in with the Gmail on the browser the feature gets activates. You may also check WhatsApp for lead generation marketing.

yesware plugin


5 thoughts on “Yesware- Email Tracking & Sales Marketing Sync Product

  1. Iim alumni

    I use the advance feature of Gmail for email customization but here the most interesting part is it’s GUI. It has the limitations with it’s plugins, plugin re-installation required after each browser or PC change

  2. Dave Schneider

    Awesome..I am into sales & my profile involves lots of follow-up & email communications and I think implementing this can add huge benefit to my business..I’ll like to thank you again for this.
    Keep it up

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