Unavoidable Website UX components & How to achieve great user experience?

In current highly competitive digitized world, great UX is not an option but the die hard need.  Almost all small and big giants are struggling to place their website on top of search engines. In the tussle they are not only paying heavily to SEO consultants but also spending huge money in improving their websites UI and great user interface.

Great user experience

Websites with great user experience makes sure that the website is enjoyed by the visitors & their objective is perfectly meet. Objectives can be anything- page-views, signups, leads, sales, time-on-site etc

ux vs usability for website

In the UX world, usability is a narrow term and deals only with whether customer objective was meet. In other words this is something which facilitates customers to make there desirable move & complete their motive. UX on the other hand covers overall customer experience; and here usability is just an sub-set of user experiences. This is not only limited with website’s UI and navigation but excels with entire customer support team, chat support and sales support.

Best UX is framed on the basis of the nature of their customer and broadly varies from business to business & also on the basis of theme you are targeting; and gender, location & cultural trend. So great User experience is also comprise of the science which helps in application of user research into digital technologies.

Research is important as there is no obvious or common trend. For example the page on time on news agencies will be more in comparison to that of E commerce. And they can only gain success if there time on page is higher & in-contrary for the Ecommerce this is negative user experience feedback.

User Experience components

Basic Elements of great User Experience

1. Navigation- Web-pages navigation should be designed considering the fact that user’s are not smart enough to make the decision. In simple terms it should be eased enough to propagate and make the transactions.

2. Useful- Product & services should be useful enough to retain the visits and should not be the replication of other webpages on the Internet. In short they
should be unique.

3. Credible- The feeling of security & trust should be maintained either by SSL certificates or by genuine testimonials.

4. Valuable- The services/ products should be of reasonable cost supported by the logic behind the figures.

5. Satisfaction- The overall experience must please the users, additional support may be added in forms of customer support, chat, sales agent interactions.

6. Find-ability- The purpose of user landing on the pages should be meet, if creative are of SLR cameras then the pages must have the SLR cameras.
Tremendous opion can kill the intent of the buyers

Questions to ask before planning for great UX website.

1. Psychological
– What can be the motivating factors for the user
– How they will react with those elements & motivating icons
– How easier will be the task for the users
– What are the user’s expectation on each click

To know the search query trend you can check the post  Long Tail & Semantic Keyword Research Guide

2. Design
– How the user will react with the design?
– Does that design aids the trust & elements of credibility?
– How the user will be able to connect with the brand with the colors
– How user will be able to find the products they are looking for & what will be their positioning?

3. Research & Analysis
– Are you aware of the usability color/text schema?
– Are you aware of the competition concept towards their elements & design
– Are you aware of the online user behavior statistics as this differs business to business & location to location
– Are you aware of the user’s interaction at your last design?

Examples of so far best UX elements on Web

Amazon top FAQs below products

Amazon holds a great feature where it shows the most popular FAQs below the products. This not only adds great user experiences but also satisfies user concern on the same page.

amazon faqs below products


Twitter highlighting exceeded characters while Tweet

This small feature of Twitter makes the tweet full with great user experiences.

twitter highlights exceeded characters


Outlook & Gmail confirms prior to send mails

If you have mentioned word “atachment” at you mail body either on Outlook or at Google mail and by mistake if you forget to attach, the console will ask for attachment prior to sending the mail.
This is the one of the best example of great user experience and makes use feel WOW

send without attachment


Mailchimp redefined complexity in Newsletter creation

Creating newsletters and sending mails were never so easy but Mailchimp brought the revolution in redefining the complexity of designing & established itself as one of the best Email Marketing platform & this was followed by all other Email marketing platforms.

Mailchimp Usability Redefined

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  1. Asia Kivman

    Love this man…the post so nicely differentiate the user experience & usability. These two terms are alternatively used for good web design but this post made thoughtfully differentiations.

    The elements of user experiences are directly proportional to the industry & it’s online behavior & interactions.
    keep it up

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