How to Outreach with Effective long tail search strategy ?

Let me cover one of the readily available resource on the web which not only helps you to identify your long tail search keywords but also helps you to understand the effort that you must opt in to utilize the ranking position power and rule out the traffic potential.

The tips will not work for fresh website

1.To initiate with this you should first make sure that you should have at-least 50 pages relevant to you niche & most important the “indexed 50 pages”.

2. Get your website/blog verified/added at Google Webmaster tool. If done already just ignore otherwise follow the steps mentioned below in the snapshot-

Google webmaster website addition

3. Website verification have few alternatives which you can choose as per your convenience.

Google Webmaster Website Addition

Google Webmaster website addition alternatives


Now wait for at least 7 days or if you are an existing Webmaster tool user just login to GWT & locate for “Search Traffic”>>”Search Queries”. And here you will find the list of keywords-(long-tail & generic) to optimize for. The scenario behind the analysis are explained below-

Good Impression but less/no clicks

If your pages are ranking in top 10 and even though you are not getting the clicks then it’s time to change the Description & Title of your webpages; be very cautious while changing the Title as it may result in loss of ranking.

How to resolve:

1. Description is something which add values in CTR, you can go for A/B testing to identify your best performing descriptions

2. Work on the search query to improve the ranking position; as results at the second fold are less likely to get clicks & traffic

3. Create content around the topic & link to the ranking pages & keep on engaging the audiences to trigger the result with social signals

Low Average ranking position

If your pages are beyond the 1st pages you are likely to get no clicks. The webmaster tool shows the impressions based on the average search query of the website

How to resolve:

1. Go for keyword research  & create content around the topic for which you want ranking

2. While writing for the content keep the concept of SEO keyword proximity & keyword prominence in mind

3. Share your content on the social media platforms like, Twitter and Facebook; and go for creating some basic bookmarks at Reddit, Technorati etc

4. Engage with the community to get comment at your post

5. Re-work on the content & make it as longer as of 2000 words. (Work on Addition, not the modification)

6. Look after the website internal navigation and try to push up the query via internal navigation settings. (Other relevant pages linking back to the desired pages with desired keywords)

Know more about Google Webmaster Search Query Report by Alexi (Google Search Quality Team)

Utilizing Search Query to improve the ROI

It’s time to locate the keywords which are adding the maximum revenue to your business and look for the semantic keywords in the GWT search query reports.

These semantic keywords have some benefits-

1. They are more likely to rank higher as some other semantic terms are already ranking

2. They can push the existing ranks of the already ranking keywords

3. They can be utilized to create the content marketing strategies; as more the external support, more the ranking & eventually more ROI

4. They can be used to know the keywords on which website needs to focus to gain long term stability

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