SpyPig-Notification Whether My Mail Has Been Read

I am tech savvy person and love to surf the Internet with lots of important and funny email conversations with my friends and professional colleagues. Sometime I find myself in tough annoying situation when I didn’t get any reply for some of my most awaited important mails. I did lot of research and tried to find some solutions to track whether recipient has opened my mail or not. Some methods were highly technical and some were very annoying; finally I checked SpyPig and I was happy that it provided the most simple solution to check for the read mails.

Yesware.com is also a highly sophisticated application which comes with plugins and extensions and helps to track email marketing performance.

How SpyPig Works?

It works by generating a picture that has some embedded codes and that code works as tracking parameter and the moment recipient opens the mail that image gets loaded triggering the tracking parameter and sending mails that the message has been read. As the image was generated by the SpyPig, the file at the server gets triggered sending the mail confirmations.


How you can use this Email Tracking Application?

You can do this with just few steps

1. Open the spypig website

2. Enter your email address to which you want the notification of read emails

3. Pick any image that you like and generate the tracking image

4. Now simply paste this any where at your mail

Now this will work, only condition is that both you and the recipient must be using an HTML-formatted email and not a plain-text email.

The good part of the tool is that it is free and you can use this for unlimited times without any SPAM or virus attacks.

Now it’s time to implement, you can check this out at Free Email Tracking System.

6 thoughts on “SpyPig-Notification Whether My Mail Has Been Read

  1. Adnaan M

    doesn’t make sense to spend time in tracking the hundreds of mails which I send daily; however appreciate your effort…

  2. Print19

    This will not help you with statistics, better you should use Yesware or similar paid platforms, subscriptions are almost free for individuals, especially when you are using it for personal works

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