Leveraging Email Signature for Business & Branding

The use of Email signatures are so common that the creativity of the signatures are generally overlooked and most of the professionals and sales person conclude their email either by “Thanks” or “Thanks & Regards”.

Tips and importance of effective email signatures are widely talked in the online community and Google will land up with thousands of results with the tips to improve the results.

Conversion of leads via email communication mainly depends upon your product, timing, approach and brand appeal. First 3 points are the part of training sessions but the brand appeal for enhanced conversion rates are directly proportional to the company brand and brand image of individual who is promoting the brand.

branding email signatureDuring Email conversations and follow-ups Signature of the Email play vital role. And there are numerous tools on the Internet which helps in creating Amazing signatures and aid values in individual as well as company’s brand image.

Here let me not confuse you with the numerous Email Signature creating tools but let me give you a glimpse on one of the best tool which is used by successful professionals.

wise-stamp-best-email-signature-toolCreating Email signature with WiseStamp is very easy. Signup with the tool with either your Linkedin Id or Facebook, and it automatically extract your details and you can preview your extracted signature automatically at the console just after signing-in, and there you can customize your signature as per your need.

How to create an appealing Email Signature?

1. Must use the logo, wither of your company or your personal image

2. Don’t forget to add your designation

3. Mention your correct phone/ mobile number

4. Write down your Email Address & Company URL

5. For personal branding you can use your social media profiles & batches or you can customize it with your last done activity on social media platforms

6. You can promote your brand or product by adding a short description of your product or company as shown in the images below.

sample email signature carter hamilton

sample email signature Ella Hung

WiseStamp works with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail & AOL; and the moment you are done you just have to add this plugin at your browser and each time you compose you your Email you will get this Email Signature.

Now you are good enough to go and you can now rock your brand and product with your customers. And as a addition to this you can also track your Email performance with Yesware.

Appreciate for your feedback as a comment below. Cheers!


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