Google Analytics Treemap Visualization of Adwords Data

​ The role of analytics is to take the data visualization to its basis level, to intuitively run hypothetical or data driven analysis. According to Wikipedia Treemapping is a method for displaying hierarchical data by using nested rectangles.

In the image below the proposition of the metrics based by importance are aligned by size variations & the colors are used to emphasis the values of propositions.


Treemap examples color based rectangles

But the data of Google Adwords in GA at Treemap are represented only by the different intensities of Green & Red and no other colors are used.

Tree Mapping makes the data visualization easier by allotting rectangular colorful graph for all the branches or fixed or changing variables; and the size & color aspect is triggered by the different aspects of data. Treemaps in totality a hypothesis generation tool as they represent the importance and helps in establishing relationships between different variables, components & entities.

The Google’s Universal Analytics have made it’s tool a great success by integrating usability with data analysis. Google Analytics is taking the visualization ahead from Real time data analysis & In-page analytics by launching Treemaps analytics; currently this is in Beat phase & can be viewed at: Acquisition > Adwords > Treemaps.

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Google Analytics Treemap basically reflects data of Google Adwords campaigns for analysis. You can formulate your rectangles by these 2 metrics:

How to read Google Analytics TreeMap display?

1. The size of rectangle demonstrates the volume of primary metric that you selected.

2. Green to Red combination represents the secondary metrics you have selected from the account.

3 .These color combination represents the worth of the metrics you have selected. Moving from Green to Red represents you are moving from Good to bad. (Green=Good; Red=Bad).

Google Analytics Tree View

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1. Google Analytics Primary Metric– Primary metrics are volume metrics, and are represented by rectangle size.

  • Clicks: Clicks, Cost, Impressions
  • E-commerce: Revenue, Transactions
  • Site Usage: Goal Completions
  • Summary: Goal Value, New Users

2. Google Analytics Secondary Metric-Secondary metrics are relative metrics, and are represented by color and saturation. Green is positive, and red is negative. The darker the green, the better the secondary metric, and the darker the red, the worse the secondary metric.

  • Clicks: CPC (cost-per-click), CTR (click-through-rate), ROAS (Return-on-ad-spend), RPC (Revenue-per-click)
  • Ecommerce: Average Order Value, E-commerce Conversion Rate, Per Session Value
  • Site Usage: % New Sessions, Avg. Session Duration, Bounce Rate, Pages/Session
  • Summary: Goal Conversion Rate

What are the Limitations of Google Analytics Treemap?

GA treemapping limitations

1. Prior to run this report make sure that Google Adwords & Analytics accounts are linked together. GA only stores the Adwords data when the linking properties are ON

2. The metric’s color combinations are fixed and not subject to any change, which means it cannot be customized as per convenience.

3. Google Analytics Treemap will only represent 15 entities & rest will be coined as other. For example if your Adwords accounts have 25 campaigns then TreeMap will only propagate 15 rectangles & 5 remaining will be clubbed as Other.

4. Google Analytics Treemap will be only web-based reports; which means will not have any mobile or WAP views.

3 thoughts on “Google Analytics Treemap Visualization of Adwords Data

  1. Sany

    In my opinion, the 2 main aspect of Google Analytics Treemap Reporting in terms of it’s use
    1. Daily analysis if campaign performance in compare to those of previous days
    2. Identification of the campaign metrics which worked well and it’s further evaluation for more better performances.

  2. Bestseopk

    Instead of actual count Google Analytics treemap helps with the analysis percentage..Whilst Analytics Treemap doesnot allow you to analyze data that which are uniquely available but it’s a great tool to visualize data for reporting, hypothesising or merely prioritizing tasks.

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