Amazon Touch Screen Available at Amazon

Touch Amazon Kindle, the ebook reader from Amazon touchscreen is now available.

Specifically, the Amazon Kindle Touch is on presale for a price of 129 euros. If you want a Kindle Touch from today you can book online store Amazon.

It should be borne in mind that this is a presale. The touch-screen Kindle will be delivered to customers beginning April 27.

The Touch can be purchased in two versions: Touch Amazon Kindle and Kindle for $ 129 Touch 3G by 189 euros. What is the difference between the two models? The 3G version, plus wireless internet connection has mobile (3G). This allows us to connect from anywhere online store Amazon to see the catalog and buy books. And no need to worry about the data rate, since Amazon pays.

Amazon's touch screen

Amazon Kindle Internet in Touch

The simple touch model, Amazon Kindle Touch has Wi-Fi connection. It may be sufficient for convenient access to Amazon’s online store from home or office.

With the Touch 3G Kindle can enter the store ebooks from Amazon and Wikipedia from any place or country without worrying about the cost of connection or pending to seek a wireless network. A clear advantage for those traveling with ereder. So tell us, the 3G connection does not allow access to any site is limited to the Kindle store and Wikipedia. Of course, it also includes Wi-Fi.

In this video you can see the Amazon Kindle Touch and some of its special features: select text, search, open the dictionary or write a note:

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