WhatsApp- How to Nurture its Digital Marketing Potential?

The money that FaceBook paid to bought WhatsApp was equal to the whole NASA budget for 2013.

Market was flooded with debate when social media giant Facebook decided to buy Whats App for $ 19 billion; and this was the most ever paid product for a 4 year start-up with 55 employees & annual revenue of 20 million.

According to Debate.org more than 60% of people on the Internet agreed that this deal was the waste of money; even though it was hard to argue that a big social media player is not aware of what it was doing.


Facebook Buy WhatsApp debate

WhatsApp have the massive more than 65 millions active users only from India; India alone have more than 10% of total WhatsApp users. WhatsApp is very commonly used for personal interactions, considering the huge scope marketers have started to mix personalized brand & marketing strategies with emotional connections.

Increase in the stock values of Facebook has boomed the WhatsApp from $3 billion revenue to $22 billion. Because of it’s first year free usage & it’s compatibility with all types of phones making WhatsApp much more popular.

WhatsApp year wise gowth

WhatsApp Huge Benefits

1. Works on almost all the type of mobile phones

2. Works with Internet & Wifi deliberately lowering down the charges of SMS

3. Bulk communication & messaging at the finger tip & almost free of cost

4. Huge benefit at international tours and makes the communication far most cos effective

5. The open rate of WhatsApp messages are very very high and goes up-to 90%, beating down the Email Marketing & direct mail conversations

6. Usage is hardware independent; and makes marketing free from hardware costs

7. Along-with bulk-sms; bulk images & video sharing are at its easiest use; that is loaded with multimedia support

8. Unlike WhatsApp doesn’t stores personal details like Name, Gender, Address or Age

9.It’s add free platform, without any game & Gimmicks

WhatsApp Statistics

1. First year free, then subsequent 1$/year

2. Average hit/day by user is 23. (Use to check whatsapp each day)

3. 833,000 users signing each day

WhatsApp Challenges

1. Compatible with WiFi & data plans only
2. Not diversified
3. Huge competition with Hike, WeChat

WhatsApp as customer interaction tool

The model was recently successfully used by HomeShop18 to establish interaction with the customers, this campaign was named as #ShoppingMakesMeHappy and the objective behind the campaign was to make the customer happy by spreading cheerful memes and jokes. Huge WhatsApp users around 200,000 made this campaign a great hit.

customer interaction

How to use WhatsApp for Customer engagement?

WhatsApp can be used both for customer interaction & acquisition of new customers. Both needs a strategy & plan. Dealing with existing customer-

1. Requires a thorough plan to be there on the top of customer mind, this not only helps in retention but also helps in further customer acquisition

2. Requires strategy that is stuff for communication. For example if you are dealing with the products you should keep on communicating the benefits & tips behind the protection & effective usages of that product. For example if you are targeting the customers who have your “Dish Washer” then you should communicate with them for its usage tips, servicing, tips to avoid damages & support when required

How to use WhatsApp for Marketing?

Product & service promotions via WhatsApp cannot be over looked.The marketing strategy can be categorize into 2 parts, SMS & Campaigns-

1. SMS– This is bit traditional & overlooked as the concept is bit similar to that of Mobile SMS marketing & unsolicited reach were always a pain. This requires the mobile number & the communications are composed of text messages only.

2. Campaigns– WhatsApp Campaigns are the series of rich media communication where users are made to learn (educate) & to add fun-engagement. The campaign undergoes series of communication evolvement with the objective to convert users into the potential customers.

For such mass messaging various tools are available in the market, they are bit tricky, as WhatsApp doesn’t allow such promotions. To make the marketing easier you may coordinate with some agencies which are good at WhatsApp digital marketing.

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  1. Stangys

    Some companies have database and you have just give message and money; Other companies give software from which you can send the message in bulk, this is not allowed by Whats app and can be stopped any time

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