10 Extraordinary Landing Pages Tweaks for amazing conversions

Quality and quantity of leads determines the success of performance based marketing. When it comes to justification of ROI and business, you just can’t rely on CTR, clicks and ranks.

It’s obvious that on search & display you will not bid on the keywords which have high cost  per acquisition, until and unless your objective is branding, on the other hand you will love to experiment on the keywords which have higher conversions and lower CPA.

Few factors which triggers the route of lead generation model-

lead generation route

1. Maximum leads with minimum cost per lead/cpl

2. Quality leads resulting on instant conversions

3. Quality Leads but with higher cpl

Note that point-2 is the ideal scenario on which most of the companies works. Point1 works for the business where you have long follow up cycles and at such business even fewer conversion percentage extracts the complete ROI, for example home loans, car loans, insurance etc

Point-3 is something which is the part of branding budget and the returns are expected in long-run basically from the brand queries. For example Apple.com bidding on “mobile phones” invests for branding & may not have instant ROI but eventually with the passage of time they can have good return from Brands terms (Apple Iphone) in the future.

Apple search queries for branding activity

Note that whether your campaign falls in point1, 2 or 3 their are always some scope of improvements; you cannot improve one thing with 100% but you can improve 100 elements with 1 percent, & landing pages are one of the most crucial part of any lead generation campaign. Lets cover some of the tweaks which can boost your lead generation values and lead counts

1. Search & intent based optimization

Make sure to show the product & services on the landing pages that user has searched to land-up; especially for Google search. show the user searched products directly on the landing page & be specific with the products.

If your Adcopy-title communicates about the Canon SLR camera then it should be there on the landing page.
Make sure to put the strategy which drives your strategy and don’t allow & trust on user’s intelligence.

2. “Lead form” tweaks

Depending on the business nature some landing pages opt to ask for maximum details to grab the quality leads and such landing pages sometime looks scary making interested candidates to bounce off, so strategize your process in a way that minimum information should be asked as input, especially when you have call center to handle those queries.

Look at the snapshots of 2 landing pages below and the result in self explanatory. Associate & correlate your brand with your landing page & minimize the forms to an extent.

landing pages with lots of fields

Ideal Landing Page Form Fields

3. “Submit” button creativity

The most used CTA for the form is “Submit”; but do you know that according to an study the CTA such as Click Here, & Go have far better conversion than just “Submit”. Your business may not allow to use Click here, Go etc; alternatively you must try some other relevant CTAs for optimal conversions.

You may also check Whats App lead generation strategies.
best call to action

4. Instant Call Back Option

This is one of the most important landing page elements. Some time it works amazingly good in compare to even online chat support. Visitors on the last phase of their buying cycle don’t want to wait & want to close the deal at as earliest as possible, at this stage to offer some very attractive CTA with just contact number.

Note that this is an instant call back option & the call should be instant

5. Live Chat option

Keep behavior of those visitors in mind who don’t want to share there details until and unless they are not satisfied with the nature of your product & service, and live chat could be the best platform to deal with such customers.

Note than the wait time for such visitors should not be more than 30 seconds.

live chat support

6. Dedicated Mobile Pages

For paid campaigns don’t just rely on the responsive version and try to develop pages specifically for mobile. Remove tab navigation & keep the CTA both above & below the folds.
Don’t forget to add Instant Call back feature even at the mobile pages.

7. Featured Clients or Portfolio

Visitors are smart enough to understand the difference between fake & real testimonials. So to spice up the landing pages with trust add some real testimonials & featured client list. (Place the client details only if you have worked with brands)


featured client presentation for branding

8. Dedicated landing pages

Considering the visitors buying cycle landing pages should be dedicated according to visitors need, there should not be distractions or unwanted outgoing links and activities on the landing pages

9. Color Usability & Science

Website color combination adds value in usability & drives human psychology; hence this must not be overlooked. Hire some good UX consultant & designers before spending huge on paid media.

color importance behind branding

color & mood selection

10. Rigorous A/B Testing

Keep your taps on for testing, as you cannot imagine what can be good for your business theme. Make adaptions, deploy & test for performance.

3 thoughts on “10 Extraordinary Landing Pages Tweaks for amazing conversions

  1. Abu Jind

    I got my website designed by paying 3000 EURO considering 508 compliance tactics even though it had fewer conversions; no one can understand the mind of customers or i’ll sy that customers moves with the trend. The only thing which works is rigorous testing.
    Excellent post…

  2. Saransh

    Great article and it’s really worth reading; especially the psychology behind the colors; apart from this what worked for me-
    1. Removal of navigation, whether it’s top or right nav, to prevent distraction & focusing on the landing page goals
    2. User searched term on the domain url
    3. hd images on landing pages

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