How to write blog post for SEO & to drive traffic?

There are enormous, diverse and overwhelming content on the web, and each day 2 million content are added on the queue.
And to gain visibility these content compete on the web, which is driven by certain quality guidelines. The end objective is to gain traffic and exposure in search engine ranking pages.
And varieties of those content which are published to project an agenda is known as blog/blogging.
Before we dive deep lets know the pillars of great blog which attracts traffic and has potential to gain higher rankings.

Pillars of great blog that drives user engagement

  •  Rich Unique content
    • How to..
    • Definitions
    • Lists
    • Multimedia
    • And last but not the least frequency
 Based on your interest and the niche you select you can visualize your content around pillars.Secret of great blogging
  • Don’t be afraid of making mistakes-If you will publish, you will make mistakes. Don’t be afraid of diverse comments and mistakes. Be cheerful and be assured that your consistency will make the difference. But make a practice to rectify the mistakes that you may experience as you go on.
  • Make sure that you are aware of your mission on which you are writing; wait and rethink if your goal is not clear. Research, discuss with the experts and transform the thoughts into word when you are confident about your goals.
  • Email your draft to someone you trust– Take inputs on your thoughts from someone you trust. Writing is not about hitting the publish button but a passion which transform your unstructured fumes into words. Visualize again and again, look for the movies and read articles which are similar to your topic. This will not only give you the words and clarity but will also put your mind with enormous vocabularies.
  • Research and dilute your thoughts according to the customers intent and searches– Research on the web for the topics and don’t forget to align your piece with the basic on page promotion guidelines. Check keyword research tools and try to focus on few long-tail keyword until and unless you have good domain authority
  •  Focus on the length before you hit “Publish”– According to a survey done by serpIQ you should publish approx 2000 words of content to get maximum search engine benefits. And also according to Buzzsumo longer pages gets more shares than pages with average or low word counts.

Some other benefits of longer content are-

  • Long form content are likely to garner more user generated links which eventually boosts page and domain authority.
  • Long content have higher propensity to convert visitors into leads and customers
  • It creates buzz on social media; more share, likes, tweets
  • Long content has higher propensity to rank well in search engines
  • It increases the time on site, hence yields positive SEO impacts

length of blog-word count

How a post should look from SEO panorama?

1.Descriptive urls with summary keywords and synonyms; this may help to build overall page relevancy
2.Blog post should be in the right category; important for  content correlation
3.Titles should be catchy enough to atteact CTR and should be accompanied by descriptive keyword entities
4.Keyword prominency and proximity; check out this for more clarity- Advance SEO optimization
5.Proper canonical tags if post falls in multiple category; important to help robots to identify right set of content.
6.Proper header hierachy- h1,h2, h3
7.Rich media- images, videos, infographics and proper “alt” tag to the images
8.Internal linking- link new post from the internal relevant pages with descriptive anchor text and vice-versa. Check more at SEMRush- Tool for SEO Success.
9.Don’t divert from the main topic and write precisely around your key agenda. More variation and deviation can dilute your key proximity.
10.Write attractive meta-description. Well constructed and interesting phrases can attract tremendous CTRs; spend time to research the descriptions of your competitors which are there on SERPs
11.Content hierarchy should be scannable; this can be easily achieved by constructing your content in paragraphs and bullets; note that swarming content can increase your bounce rate.
12. Position social media sharing option within the reach of your visitors; floating & left embedded widgets can be effective for blog posts.

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