Top Android AdNetworks & Google Adsense Ad Networks

Google Adsense is a platform by Google where you can earn thousands of dollars by laying down right strategy-

  • By very high quality of content and
  • By proper SEO marketing.

There are thousands of website on the Internet which are able to generate handsome revenues from Google Adsense Programs. Some of the success stories can be seen at Google Adsense Success Review section.

Top Android AdNetworks

Google Adsense has very user friendly Dashboard and console with multiple features to modify Ads Formats and to generate the most relevant and appealing Ads with respect to the placement and need of different categories of the website.

Putting Ads on Website and Blogs are very easy but when it comes to put the same on mobile pages the process becomes bit hectic and specially when the website is in WordPress.

Most of the times it is recommended to install Mobile version plugins to add the Adsense code on the page but that makes page loading bit slower resulting in overall delay in Ads/page loading but WordPress has developed some Post Layout Plugins ( which adds great values in WordPress Add Management. More details can be checked there at Plugin descriptions.

Note that to prevent yourself to fall into account suspension zone you must follow Google Adsense policies.

AdMob is used by Google Adsense to display Ads on his Mobile Networks.

Listed below are the top 10 Ad-networks used by the Android Mobile application on the basis of their popularity-
1. Admob 39.2%
2. AirPush 6.5%
3. Millennial Media 5.1%
4. LeadBolt 4.1%
5. AdWhirl 3.9%
6. MobClix 3.5%
7. InMobi 2.6%
8. MobFox 1.8%
9. Tapjoy 1.5%
10. Startapp 1.2%

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