Android 4.0 ICS Delete All Contacts At Once

Erase Android 4.0 ICS All Contacts At Once

Android 4.0, also named Ice Cream Sandwich, is simply at ground level a re-write code of Android operating system. This launched fantastic new visual design language that is a marked departure from the iPhone-esque UI of previous versions.

Android Data Clear Applications

Android 4.0 is upgraded version of  Android 2.3. On Android 2.3 data deletion and management was in simple steps. In Android 2.3 data deletion was done without the need of any specific standalone applications. It was easily done with these  basic steps-
1. Visit Settings >
2. Applications >
3. Manage Applications >
4. Contacts Storage>
5. and Hit Clear Data.

But in Android 4.0 contact storage is in under “All” tabs, which is by default hidden thus changes the procedure of data clearance, management and data deletions.

If you are trying to all data from Android 4.0 at once then follow these steps-
1.    Settings >
2.    Apps >

a.    Swype the tabs on the top  to display “All” and press All.

b.    Scroll down to and hit Contacts Storage. Now hit Clear Data.

All Android data will be wiped off. You must not forget to synchronize all your contacts with Google Accounts before erasing all your data. Note that un-synchronized data will not be recovered once the data is cleared.

Now when the contacts are cleared you can restore your data back. Keep some patience as the restoring will takes some time depending upon the size of your data.

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