Are you secretly violating Adsense policies?

“Adsense Account safety” is most common concern for all the publishers who are making money by Google Adsense programs. Webmaster forums are full of suspension tussles where publishers are discussing hard to get rid of their account disapproval.

Note that you will have to suffer the consequences of collateral damages even if you are not guilty and you are not likely to get your account back in 99% of the cases.

Adsense Violation Policy

Most of the time publishers are even unaware and they unintentionally violate the Adsense policies and considering those scenarios in mind I am listing down some highly violated policies which eventually leads to the adsense account suspension.

Responsive Ads prominently above the fold

Post Mobilegeddon (mobile update) Google has almost made necessary for webmasters to transform their website into a mobile friendly website or responsive website.
Consequently this raised the need for publishers to switch for responsive adsense ads. And by-default bootstrap and css codes forced the ads to be visible prominently on the first fold of the responsive website. And this was something which was always against the Adsense policy.

Note that it’s okay to have Ads above the fold if you have surplus content above the Ads; otherwise you might be at radar.

Adsense Responsive Violation

300×250 above the fold

The logic is similar to what I have explained in point 1 but even if you have content above the fold just ignore the Ads with the dimensions of 300×250. The ads of such dimensions are likely to cover the screen on mobile optimized websites and may result in accidental and unwanted click. Which is again something which Google doesn’t want.
The objective of mobile optimized website is to provide good user experience but anything which is intended to encourage accidental events are highly discouraged, and this is not only from the Adsense perspective but also from the usability aspects.

Website Promoting and using copyright materials

This was widely came in picture when the account of one of the leading movie review blog was suspended by Google. In this case no doubt the reviews were unique and user generated; but the images and posters that were used flagged the blog in copyright law.
So apart from content your images should also be unique or should be used with owner’s permission.

Note that you are violating the copyright law even if you are using the images from Google Image searches.
To avoid any confusion just contact respective owner and get the details of their distribution policies or call them for instant clarifications.

copyright adsense violation

Ads below the drop-down to gain accidental click advantages

This is the most common and widely overlooked practice where publisher intentionally or un-intentionally puts adds below the drop down menu. And according to Google Adsense policy:

    Google ads, search boxes or search results may not be:      … Obscured by elements on a page.

This is something which is not explicitly restricted unless and until page elements are overlapping the ads. Restrictions are directly intended to protect ads from accidental clicks, as this can compromise ads during the selection of items on drop-down selections.

Ads on Orphan & blank pages

Adsense policy is commonly violated by websites built on CMS (especially WordPress), as by default they have the plugins and features to display ads on blank templates, “404 pages” & engagement free (without content/images) “thank-you” pages.

Ads on these pages are intended to look like content and accrues higher CTRs; and clearly demonstrates the violation of Adsense policy.

Screenshot Adsense Violation

​Ads on pages which are violating TOS of brands

If you are using services and API of brands you must not violate their TOS; as violation of any TOS can flag you for suspensions. For example according to Youtube TOS no one is allowed to download videos from their website and any website which are purely based on these video promotion and promotion of the techniques to download videos from Youtube are in the range of radar.

So you must not either promote or engage yourself in such brand TOS violation activities.

 Online properties without Privacy policy

This is the most easiest thing to accomplish and sorts of negligence can raise the alarm for you. Google want every website to disclose their cookie and log file policies and want to establish complete transparency in publisher-visitor relationships.

Clicking on the Ads

Google Adsense works prominently on CPC model and it credits $$$ at each genuine clicks based on competition, relevancy and authority. Anything which is done to attract click for the sake money is the direct violation of Adsense policy. And this was the most prominent reason behind the suspension of more than 60% of Adsense accounts.

Note that Google is much more smarter than you and has inbuilt algorithm to identify such frauds and irrelevant clicks. Google easily recognizes if you are encouraging users to click on Ads-

  1. By sharing urls via mail, chat, referral from any source
  2. By routing or changing the IP
  3. By cross device clicks

Clicking on Adsense Ads

So in order to safeguard your account you must not indulge in any activities which are not ethical and which are anyhow against the Adsense policies

Wrapping it Up

Advertisers and publishers both are in the business of making money, and Google being the major platform holds the responsibility to regulate and deliver qualities to advertisers and to end-users. As a consequence anything done to manipulate the experience and to misinterpret the users results in policy violation which finally concludes with the account suspension.

These policies has nothing to do with your awareness and holds the risk even if your intention was good and you were delivering the quality. That why it’s always recommended to have sound awareness of its policies and a approach to strictly adhere to its Google adsense terms and conditions.

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