How to fix / stick WordPress post on frontpage?

Some time you may feel the need to fix a post rather than just putting the common posts and letting previous posts go down. This fix is very easy.

Let me reveal a hidden option on the admin console panel which helps to fix and stick the post a the frontpage.

  • Go to Admin
  • Add new Post
  • Check Right navigation
  • Click on ‘Edit’ next to ‘Visibility: Public’
  • Check the “

This will enable the option for your current post to get fixed at the frontpage.

wordpress fix post at frontpage

How to keep your Search history private?

Rapidly changing search behaviors and the need of business giants to target and remarket the customers of different demographics; has raised the need to know the demographics of their customers and to fulfill the need the most personal behavior and information are stored carefully in the database:

1. Your thoughts

2. Interest

3. Locations

4. Fears

5. Shopping habits.

And based of these activities and data profiles highly targeted advertisements are shown and the users are remarketed by different remarketing channels like Google and other networks remarketing tools.

If you want to secure your search queries and behaviors you can simply Turn Off and delete your history and according to policy this will prohibit and strict search engines to not to store and use your data.

* At Google go to ‎ and make the required changes.

google profile history management


* At Bings go to ‎ and make the required changes.

Bing search preferences